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Italian wine declines in the US and Canada (but grows slowly), while exports to China and Japan fall

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After the ecstasy, perhaps more, Italian wine records for exports in 2021 (over 7 7 billion), and a departure, in January 2022, on the same false line (+22% data analyzed by Istat WineNews, 2021 at the same time, as never before) In the midst of a complex situation, the expected recession has come between the effects of the war and the global rise in raw materials and transport and the new anti-Govt measures in China, and especially in “heavy” markets such as the United States and Canada, but also in others such as China and Japan. Of course: the overall figure is still positive, but Belfast wine is growing much lower than before and less than its competitors. In 4 countries, tricolor growth in value has come to a halt at + 3.7%, with France almost doubling and recording a global average of + 5.3%. According to the Union Italina Vinnie (UIV) Lab, a few days ago Lamberto Frescopalti and Vinitali (www., Which processed customs data on wine imports in the first quarter of 2022.
“Asia has experienced the worst negative outcome (-15.9%, -5.6% against the general average and -0.6% in France) and the lowest performing competitors in North America (+6.9%) (+ 11.9% from France and + 10% from around the world) in 2021 Locking rule during the same period of the year ”, explains a note. Departure in the US market is difficult, with imports up 11% in the first quarter. Italy, with a 3.5% value increase, is traveling at a slower pace + 16.3% compared to France. In the world’s first market, Italy is driven by sparkling wines (+ 16.3%), while the growth of bottled stills (-0.1%) is pulled by Sauvignon blanc compared to New Zealand’s +16.5. To sweeten the data – Uiv / Vinitaly Lab reports – the best performance in Canada (+ 23%), where it is made in Italy 3 times better than the general demand for foreign wines and is at the forefront of the market, coping in a single range. USA and France. Finally, worse in Asia, China is in a full coveted emergency (-15.6% Italy, -20% public imports), but also reduces purchases from the beautiful country with Japan by -8.1%, against the general growth of rising demand. The sun is above 22% (with France + 23.6%). According to Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) it is important to increase the presence of companies overseas, as never before during this difficult period – significant geopolitical tensions and a very strong increase in raw materials and transportation costs. “Unfortunately – Uiv explains – this is probably not the case because OCM Wine is forced to drop most of its national funding for non-EU incentives, from 27 27 million to 2 9.2 million. (As already reported by WineNews, with what we have learned , Subject to – must be “fully” returned from 2022-2023, with the entry of the new OCM cycle, version.). A sharp cut that will have even more severe consequences in 2021, based on a foreign competitiveness produced in the Italian sector that closed its trade balance at a profit of 6. 6.7 billion. Uiv (Unione Italiana Vini) seeks special attention from the government on this issue and shares the opportunity to identify additional resources that should be allocated to the promotion of wine companies, including “Ice’s Internationalization tools”.

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