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Old and New Films About Casino: Top-5 Picks

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Movie fans are always happy to tickle their nerves by watching gambling-themed films. This topic is traditionally associated with a tricky plot, the confrontation with a villain, and luxury life. Indeed, if you wish to dive into the atmosphere of the casino (and maybe learn something new) – read the reviews below and choose one of our top-5 picks.

1)   Lucky Grandma (2019)

The film Lucky Grandma will appeal to fans of the crime comedy genre. The leading role was played by the actress Cai Chin, who set the mood for the whole movie. In the centre of the plot is an 80-year-old Chinese lady. One day, a fortuneteller predicts incredible luck for her. So, she goes to the casino to bet all her money. There, fortune really smiles at her – the old woman receives a huge win. But by doing so, she attracts a gang of bandits who do not mind taking her wealth. To protect herself, Wong hires a bodyguard but still gets into gangster showdowns. If you also want to check how lucky you are, try casinos for the first time with a five dollar casino deposit by following the link. Maybe, you will be as lucky as this senior lady.

2) The House (2017)

Parents are ready to do anything for their children, and this film is another proof of this. According to the plot, the main characters – the spouses Scott (Will Ferrell) and Kate (Amy Poehler) – organize an underground casino in the basement of a neighbour to pay for their daughter’s college. Do the heroes manage to raise the required amount by engaging in illegal activities? Watch this movie on a weekend evening and enjoy a really good sense of humour. The comedy turned out to be really funny – the audience will find many enjoyable moments and awkward situations.

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3) Mississippi Grind (2015)

Mississippi Grind is an American gambling drama, starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn. One of the main characters is the aging player Jeremy. He goes through a series of bad luck and needs money to pay off his debt. And on his way, there is a gambler named Curtis who gives Jeremy faith, so they go on a gambling tour around the United States. But instead of getting big winnings, they constantly quarrel and lose money. The main characters have one last chance. They want to bet their money to pay off their debts and help their families. But this plan is going to collapse… If you like movies with a non-banal plot, then watch Mississippi Grind.

4) Molly’s Game (2017)

The Molly’s Game tells the story of the rise and fall of an underground casino princess. The plot of the film is based on Molly Bloom’s story. The girl dreams of becoming a professional mogul athlete and participating in the Olympic Games. But the last performance ends in tragedy for Molly – she gets a serious injury, which puts an end to the career of a professional athlete. The girl comes to Los Angeles, where all the fun begins. She organizes underground poker games with her boyfriend. They are attended by members of royal families and celebrities. The stakes are very high. Molly Bloom starts her own underground business, which brings her a multi-million dollar fortune, as well as problems with the law. Bloom is forced to turn to a lawyer so as not to end up in prison.

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5) Runner, runner (2013)

The film definitely deserves the attention of fans of gambling, as well as those who love high-quality acting. In the centre of the plot is a young man, Richie Furst. He is distinguished by an extraordinary mind and determination, which allows him to enter the prestigious Princeton University. Unfortunately, education there is not cheap and is available only for very wealthy people. Richie isn’t one of them. A young man urgently needs a large sum of money, so he decides to try to win money at an online casino. Tuition fees are running out, so Furst decides to go to Costa Rica where big money is spinning. He takes part in the game. It’s not just money that’s at stake, but his life. The plot is intriguing from the first minutes.

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