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Christmas 5 Stars, Channel 5 / Ricky Memphis, the helper who saves the premiere!

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Five-star live Christmas, Channel Five: Live commentary

It ends at Kanal 5, Cinepaneton”5 star christmasThe visit of the Prime Minister to Budapest may turn into a disaster. In order not to fall into a scandalous whirlwind, if the relationship with the Parliamentary PD is discovered, the quintet Prime Minister counts on the precious help of the baggage handler, Walter Bianchini. Brilliantly played by Ricky Memphis, assistant In the midst of a storm he also finds the time and art to fall in love and courtship, unleashing the wrath of his fiancée’s wife. A very long day that never seems to end, full of many twists and turns. At the big party, everything seems to go smoothly but scandal surfaces: he admits Walter Bianchini with this relationship to the respected husband of the respected, who accuses the Italian president in front of everyone. It is a struggle: even the wife of the Prime Minister admits her infidelity to Bianchini. They are all released, including the spouses. However, the Prime Minister has a plan to rise again: pretending to be gay He organized everything to conceal his relationship with the assistant Bianchini (modification by F.D. Zaza).

Franco Rispoli, the prime minister is making trouble

Now on Canale 5 it’s broadcasting”5 star christmasThe film tells the story of Franco Rispoli, a five-star former prime minister, and a former accountant who forged his autobiography. His first thought, coming to power, was to prove that he was not taking advantage of institutional advantages. There are many references to the events Ongoing Italian. On an official mission to Budapest, the president is in an extramarital affair with a member of the Democratic Party with a Tuscan accent, picked up by the party in a reality show “Because She Was Sexy.” This beautiful Martina Stella. And the deputy is married to a very jealous and violent supporter of the Northern League will appear. Sooner or later the case was almost discovered by the envoy of “Le Iene”, disguised as Santa Claus. Outstanding actor Ricky Memphis provided while Ricky Vanzina wrote the film directed by Marco Risi (article by F.D. Zaza).

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5-star Christmas, the first Netflix movie

the film 5 star christmas Between some cities of Lazio and the Hungarian city of Budapest. The film is based on the movie Out of Order directed by Ray Cooney. It can also be considered as a historical achievement as it is the first movie made by Netflix. Among the main film heroes, there is also the Hungarian actress and model for many years who was transferred to Italy Andrea Osvart was born in Budapest on April 25, 1979. Her film debut appeared in 2000 in the movie Contamined Man directed by Anthony Hickox. Among the most important films that have marked his career so far, we remember Spy Game, Sara May, Casanova, The Clan, Black Sea, A Little Story, Valley of Shadows, A Fantasy Wedding, and The End Is Me. Start. In the cast we also find Massimo Sciavaro as Roberto, the jealous husband of the Northern League. He is a well-known face of Italian cinema and beyond, and he has also acted in the theater.

5-star Christmas movie is broadcast on Canale 5

5 star christmas It is “an instant film about Italian politics largely incapable of overcoming the aesthetics of the 1980s Vanzenas”. This is how Ilaria Ravarino talks about it at MyMovies and actually dismisses it with only two stars out of the five available. Then the critic adds: “From the ’80s to today, and it is not just a question of sex, a moment seems to have passed in Vanzina cinema. The occasion changes but the essence is always humorous, with fields and counterfields on display, violent winks at current events and an overall higher tone to make One suspects that the lines never existed.” Maurizio Acerbe also criticizes Il Giornale, speaking of the film as “an old cinematic”. Despite the obvious limitations, it does have some laughs ripping it off and maybe it’s worth a watch if there is a desire to have fun. Christmas is shown in 5 stars prime time on Canale 5, click here to watch the promotional video. click here Follow the movie’s live stream on MediasetPlay.

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The Christmas Canal 5 is a 5-star movie directed by Marco Risi

5 star christmas will channel on air 5 in prime time Today, Sunday, December 26, start from 21:50. It is an Italian movie produced in 2018 by Lucky Red Cinema and distributed by Netflix with Directed by Marco Risi While the subject and the script are the result of the work of Carlo Fanzina and Enrico Fanzina.

The film was edited by Pietro Morana with the soundtrack composed by Bruno Zamperini. The cast includes many Italian actors and TV personalities known as Massimo GuineaPaola Menaccione, Martina Stella, Ricky Memphis, Andrea Osfart and Biagio Izzo.

Five-star Christmas, movie plot: the world of politics

Now let’s face it 5 star christmas From the point of view Piece. in the city of Rome, A former accountant named Franco succeeded in becoming prime minister of the pentastellato Thus, he enters the world of politics with a little trick, especially by changing the data related to his curriculum. The Prime Minister faces his main daily problem of having to comply with his party’s dictates and specifically on the phone constantly so that he can prove that he is not taking advantage of all the institutional advantages available to him such as the use of blue cars, the possibility of boarding high-value planes without paying anything and much more.

For institutional reasons she is compelled to go to Budapest where she meets or rather discovers the beauty of a Member of Parliament from the Democratic Party with whom she falls madly in love, thus beginning an extramarital affair. Their love is especially dangerous because it may also put the government itself at risk because the woman is married to a manager who is very jealous besides being very violent.

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While the two lovers were at the hotel in Budapest, they were surprised by the Northern League and almost found out. Moreover, the extramarital relationship is constantly under threat thanks to the famous Mediaset TV reporter Le Iene, who disguises himself as Santa Claus and tries in every way to surprise the truth. in all this, However, the Prime Minister will be able to count on the support of the Portfolio who was once part of the Communist Party And that she would also do everything she could to make the First Lady comfortable.

A short trailer video for the movie “Christmas 5 Stars”.

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