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Superbonus: is it still worth it or not? The surprising answer from the expert

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Is Superbonus a tempting opportunity or a trap? Let’s see if we really understand after the recent changes, it’s worth it.

Building rewards have been reworked Many times in the last few months. The Draghi government argued that house allowances were too expensive for the state and that they were Lots of scams have appeared. The Meloni government went in the same direction and they were born legislative interventions making these bonuses It’s getting harder to get. Some industry experts argue that these bonuses are now a real mess, and so it is not surprising that families are wondering if they are nowadays The work is best done with Superbonus.

For those who still want the premium bonus –

Superbonus 110% disappears and is replaced by a similar scale that allows, however, 90% off. What makes the new bonus even more annoying is the fact that it’s missing Balance transfer and bill discount. If the family wants to take advantage of Superbonus today, they must first know that the discount will be only 90% and that He will only be able to enjoy it as a tax deduction.

Too many things have changed but for some it’s still relevant

So let’s see if using this bonus is worth it or not. The most favorable situation is that of those who have already requested Superbonus and submitted a file Silas by February 16th. In this case, you can benefit from a discount on the bill. For social housing, ONLUS, cooperatives and property located in areas affected by earthquakes or floods, Bill discount confirmed on premium bonus Until 2025.

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Expert opinion on superbonus –

Even those who started business in 2022 And he hasn’t yet benefited from a balance transfer, he’s in not too far from the old, more favorable Superbonus state. The useful deadline for sending the letter to the Revenue Agency is no longer March 31st But it has been extended until November 30. But is starting the super reward right now or not?

It will have an increasingly lower value and is more suitable for those with higher incomes

Currently embarking on this project can only be appropriate to try to protect yourself from the sting of a green state directive. Today, the premium bonus is less relevant but if you work It will not be completed by 2023 It will be possible to return to what will be next year It has been reduced to 70%.

Because of the risks associated with requesting the super reward, today this procedure seems to be the domain of families who have the highest income Because the only way available is tax deduction. Other families may risk not receiving the desired help. In principle, according to experts, you need to think carefully before asking for the premium bonus but the truth is that with the works imposed by the Green State directive Taking risks today can allow you to save money Compared to a higher mandatory cost tomorrow.

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