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Science reveals the most common phobias

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We all definitely suffer from some minor phobia. In fact, there are many phobia which is particularly prevalent. Some are simply related to objects or animals or to the completion or failure of certain actions. On the other hand, other concerns turn out to be much more complex and in some cases seriously affect the quality of life.

For example, we refer to everyone who can be Limits in social life, placing the subject in a state of intense anxiety, generally associated with certain situations. But what are the most common phobias? Some experts have taken care of making an arrangement.

What are the most common phobias?

Among the more common concerns there are certainly those related to Fear of animals. It is estimated that 4% of the world’s population suffers from these forms of fear. For example, there is arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, xenophobia, which is the fear of dogs, or xenophobia, which is formed as the fear of birds. On the other hand, 3% of the population suffers from hemophobia, which is characterized as a phobia of blood.

Another type is acrophobia, the fear of heights. 3% of people feel very anxious even when they see other people in high places, even when one of them is leaning on the balcony.

Then there is thalassophobia and claustrophobia. The first is that Diving in the water, with people who refuse to swim and cannot submerge their heads under water. On the other hand, claustrophobia is the fear of closed and confined spaces, such as elevators and tunnels. People in this situation feel a sense of persecution.

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Among the most widespread fears around the world, we can also mention aerophobia, which consists of Fear of flyingand brontophobia, which constitutes the fear of Thunder sound. This is also a widespread fear that affects 2% of the population. For example, some do not leave their homes if the weather forecast indicates that there will be bad weather.

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What is the explanation for phobia?

Experts also questioned the causes of this phobia. It’s clearly one brain reaction, which are taken to dire consequences. Indeed, for example, those who suffer from fears of animals can feel extreme anxiety even when they see fake animals, which reproduce the image of the body against which the phobia occurs.

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As for hemophobia, according to scientists it will be a survival mechanism. In fact, some people experience fainting because the brain prompts this sensation to prevent further blood loss.

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