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Not only increases, but now comes the “war tax”: to whom will we pay it

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There were reports that a new “war tax” had been imposed, as if the existing ones were insufficient. To whom will we pay it? Here’s the news.

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Who thinks I am Increases in bills They only harm the citizens, not even imagine how much suffering they suffer Business. The bills went up, as I did cost Forbidden Gods fuel, puts pressure on every sector. Self Let’s collect them allthen, ai The damage already done to covidthe image becomes really worrying.

Let’s not forget that Lots of eventshow Bars, restaurants and hotelsthey already have Lost a lot of revenue. First because of the closures and then because of the low income of “no access” to the unvaccinated. Who, in order not to succumb to “blackmail”, preferred to stop for breakfast, go to the cinema, dine outside, or take a vacation. Thus indirectly “helping” companies to advance after The disastrous year 2021.

But there’s nothing to do, turn around, turn around, The money has to come out somewhere. And whoever asks for them has – it must be admitted – a wild imagination. In fact, it looks like it’s ready New tax to pay. And who will fall? Citizens, of course. That’s what it is.

“War tax”, otherwise called …

…”Extra energy costWe are talking about ‘Extra’ we’ll probably have to pay in accommodation facilities. Literally, the name given to this tax means “excess energy“. And therefore Affects the price increase active that – because of war But not only that – they hit companies.

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someone trade associations In the hotel sector and partners are thinking about how to deal with “expensive energy”, now – with reopening – You will have to support. No matter how many guests are present, of course. there The ideatherefore, from The application of this “tax”or ‘extra’ or whatever you prefer, Plus the price of accommodation/drinkAnd the. A bit like a “tourism tax”, to be clear.

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Precisely in this sense, as they say local sections of Federalberghiwill be one temporary increase – – through which a transparent and comparable offer can be made to customers without entering new increases On the basic prices for the service“.

there suggestion It is clear that it is possible agitation From many facts For the tourism and hospitality sector, the Entrepreneur Voices Leave no doubt:The Hotel world It struggles to find solutions, but other realities have already embraced these measures. For example, some short-term rental properties have already provided this more on accommodation prices“.

Currently, No matter how much you may come out From this new burden comes from reflect In a few cases. Increases hurt everyone, which is indisputable. But at the moment, except for a few “patches” scattered here and there, it hasn’t been seen Important interventions at the political level. Whoever does it yourself is a saying to you. And everyone, understood, tries it Draw water to his mill. In this case to enlighten it, it is necessary to identify it. But We are citizenson whom will we be able to “download” at all high costs literally over there bleeding? Suggestions are accepted.

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