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Malcolm McDowell slams Marvel Studios and rails against streaming. Here are his words

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in this days Malcolm McDowell guest in Turin Film FestivalHad he been given the opportunity in the midst of the Savoyard to express what he believed to be the present state of world cinema.

a star Clockwork Orange He particularly criticized Marvel Studios’ productions, adding his voice to that of those who consider the current panorama dominated by cinema. lack of quality: «It’s a shame because we’re gradually losing character-driven movies, and I don’t want to see green screen movies nauseating. My kids love them and that’s okay, there’s room for them, so let’s make them! But also balance that with Some adult content»

Then the 79-year-old British actor added: «What happens is that it’s almost impossible to make a standalone movie. It was always difficult, of course, but it was never impossible. but now because of the flow… Streaming is where independent films go!».

In the past few days he expressed himself on the subject of cinema Samuel L. Jacksonthe old face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Nick Fury, per Respond to words Quentin TarantinoAccordingly Marvel actors will never be real movie stars.

While this may seem like a somewhat extreme concept, it should be noted that many stars have recently expressed concerns about the heavy use of green screen in creating films with a high rate of digital visual effects. newly Christian Bale veteran of Thor: Love and Thunder He has described this particular aspect as a monotonous experience:

«It’s the first time I’ve done that. I mean, It is decidedly monotonous. There are some good people and other actors who have more experience than me in this regard. Can you differentiate between one day and another? No, absolutely not. You have no idea what to do. I couldn’t even make out one stage from the next».

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Bell’s words echoed words Benedict Cumberbatchthe beloved subtitler of Doctor Strange, which according to the context of the production would already be difficult to come up with a certain thing emotional depth:

«It’s not some kind of gym where you remove different layers to reveal some kind of final layer truth. We’re working towards this as well, but in the thrill of making a blockbuster like The Avengers for example, it can be hard. Get that moment of passion Which gets you hooked in just five minutes, because that’s all your time because of all the huge stuff going on around your character.

In this case, it’s not about the massive development of the character, it’s about how Serve the story with balancing integrity A very beloved part of the MCU now. So I learn in every job».

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