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A1M hockey, the protagonist of the HRC Monza team in the Perdoncin Cup

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The Teamservicecar Monza Preparation continues pending the debut of the tournament, which took place at Forte dei Marmi on September 17 at 8.45 pm (link to the tournament

Yesterday a friendly match was held at Amatori Waskin Lodi Stadium, and ended with a 5-3 (4-1) defeat.

The Colamaria guys, with two weeks of work less than the Giallorossi, are keeping the right track forward with personal work by Tamborengui. However, Lodi is growing in intensity and rhythm and the second half of the first half is entirely yellow and red, with the hosts reversing the match with a 4-1 score. The second half begins with the signing of Buzzini, while Tremolada signs in the final play 5-3 with left diameter.

The Teamservicecar team is today in Sandrigo for the “Memorial Perdoncin”. The first date is set at 19.30 against Valdagno from my former club, while at 21.30 the second semi-final match will take place between the hosts and Bassano. The finals are held on Saturday, again at 19.30 and 21.30.

An interview with Tommaso Colamaria about the preparatory season can be found on Facebook here: or on Instagram at the page Tweet embed

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