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Ferrero, Alenia and Lamborghini-

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Every year Randstad, a global player in HR services, Gives an award to the best employersaccording to the perception of Italian workers, based on independent research that measures the attractiveness of the company on Characteristics such as atmosphere, work-life balance and pay. For the 2022 edition of Randstad Employer Brand on the podium are Ferrero, Thales Alenia Space and Automobili Lamborghini.

How was the investigation done?

The study called “Employer Brand Research”In this link the full search), which is implemented globally by the Dutch agency in 31 different countries. In each of these states an independent survey is conducted, i.e. there are no companies that register voluntarily but are chosen by Randstad. In total, nearly 163,000 participants and 5,944 companies participate. In Italy, 6,590 people aged between 18 and 64 were interviewed, divided into students, employed and non-working and answered questions about the attractiveness of 150 potential employers.

winning companies

According to the research, Ferrero is at the top of my wishlist Because it has the best workplace safety performance, and excellent positioning For a pleasant atmosphere during the course of the profession Good balance between private life and work. In second place was Thales Alenia Space (a joint venture between French avionics group Thales with 67% and Leonardo 33%) for its excellent results on average from the three criteria. In third place, Automobili Lamborghini (controlled by Audi and owned by the Volkswagen Group) took priority for career path possibilities and Among the best in terms of reputation, salary, benefits and workplace safety. Other companies have distinguished themselves: Ferrari for its air quality, Eli Lilly for its work-life balance, Amazon for its financial solidity and Accenture for its smart business possibilities.

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From employer brand research conducted by Randstad

Big resignations and smart work

Randstad’s survey also highlights other characteristics that have characterized the world of work lately. In fact, it confirmed the phenomenon of “major resignations”: in the second half of 2021 One in ten Italians (11%) has changed their company, especially young people under the age of 34 And a high level of education. An interesting number also relates to 2022, given that 25% said they intend to change jobs within the next six months. After the epidemic, which inevitably affected the choice of Italians regarding their career path, many lent more Be aware that you can do your work remotely. 37% of respondents are currently employed, down sharply from 50% in 2021. Almost the total of those who practice smart work (96%) intend to continue doing so, even if it is in mixed forms depending on the needs of the company, worker or team.

sectors B
Top performing sectors in terms of knowledge and attractiveness, from Randstad research


After the Covid emergency, there is generally a more proactive attitude towards one’s career. An element also highlighted in the importance that Italians attach to training in the workplace: Two out of three (65%) consider it essential and up to 80% estimate it. from the employer Provides the possibility of rehabilitation / upgrading of skills, Although most employees believe that less than half of the companies (47%) offer adequate training opportunities. Looking at the phenomenon ‘Big resignations’ worry companiesthe solution could focus on reskilling: 72% of Italian workers said they would stay with their employer if they were offered training opportunities.

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