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Catalog of the best movies and TV series to watch

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Head of the videos enriches her schedule. from March 2023 New movies and TV series will be uploaded to the Amazon streaming platform. Here is the catalog The best versions We’ll see in the coming weeks.

Amazon Prime Video: New Releases March 2023

new month, New movies and series Coming to Amazon’s video streaming platform. As usual, let’s take a look at what Prime Video has to offer for the next 30 days. Here are the best releases of March 2023. Also among these is the wonderful return of the Lol – Chi ride with Fedez (Read the singer’s latest news here) and Frank Matano.

The new Prime Video Films movie is set to be released in March 2023

  • ReggieAnd From March 24, 2023. Biographical documentary about Reggie Jackson’s career in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. It is not only a sporting heritage, but also a social heritage. In fact, he was a great activist for the rights of African Americans.
  • Perfect addictionAnd From March 24, 2023. The plot: Everything seemed perfect for Sienna Lane. A beautiful home, love with Jax and her life’s work as a UFC trainer. But suddenly, everything changes when the protagonist finds out that her partner is cheating on her with her younger sister. Sienna the world falls upon him and he is overwhelmed with rage and thinks only of revenge.

The new Prime Video TV series will be released in March 2023

  • Daisy Jones and the SixAnd From March 3, 2023. Amazon Studios and musical drama Hello Sunshine, written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, directed by James Ponsoldt, Nzinga Stewart, and Will Graham. The famous rock band (fictional but based on the group Fleetwood Mac) was on top of the world in 1977, but after selling out a concert at Soldier Field in Chicago, they mysteriously disappeared.
  • LOL 3 – Whoever laughs is outAnd From March 9, 2023. After the success of the first two seasons, the program conducted by Fedez, supported by Franck Matano, will make Italians laugh again. The 10 names who will take part in Lol 3 have been revealed. They are Nino Frasica, Fabio Balsamo, Herbert Ballerina, Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kissioglu, Cristiano Caccamo, Paolo Sivoli, Marta Filippi, Brenda Lodigiani and Marina Masseroni.
  • swarmAnd From March 17, 2023. An American horror-thriller television series created by Donald Glover and Janine Nebbers. In the cast are Dominic Fishback, Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris. The series follows Dre, a young woman whose obsession with a pop star takes a dark turn.
  • sunAnd From March 17, 2023. Pedro is a middle-class boy from Rio de Janeiro who was introduced to cocaine as a teenager, setting him on the path to becoming the leader of a criminal gang that dominated the Rio tabloids in the early 2000s.
  • PowerAnd From March 31, 2023. The series is set in 1973. A young nurse is forced to work the night shift in a run-down hospital where striking miners have cut electricity to all of Britain. Within the walls of the hospital there is a presence that terrifies her and she tries to escape from it.
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