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“Finding solutions to beat Covid, vaccines for the poor”

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A prayer for women, children and the elderly “Son of God, comfort the victims of widespread violence against women at this time of the pandemic,” Pope Francis invoked in his Christmas message, which was attended by some 20,000 believers in St. Peter’s Square. “Give hope to children and adolescents who are being bullied and abused – he added -. Offer solace and affection to the elderly, especially those who are the most. Give serenity and unity to families, the primary place of education and the foundation of society. Weaving.”

Do not be indifferent – Then the pope asked for a “reward” for “all those who show interest and devotion to the care of family members, the sick and the weakest” and asked “not to remain indifferent to the plight of immigrants.” “What would the world be without the patient dialogue of the many generous people who have kept families and communities together? In this pandemic time, we are more aware of this. Our capacity for social relationships has been severely tested; the tendency to withdraw, to give up going out and meeting and doing things together “.

Dialogue is conflict resolution “And at the international level also, there is the danger of unwillingness to dialogue, the risk that a complex crisis will lead to the selection of shortcuts rather than longer paths of dialogue – he stressed -; but these alone, in fact, lead to a resolution of conflicts and mutual and lasting benefits.” “While the proclamation of the birth of the Savior, the source of true peace, resounds around us and throughout the world, we still see many conflicts, crises and contradictions,” the Pope added.

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cry of pain – Pope Francis directed his thoughts in particular to countries such as Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan. “We are so used to it that the great tragedies are now transcended in silence; and we risk not hearing the cry of pain and despair of so many of our brothers and sisters.” Then I brought an idea to the Syrian people, who have been living for more than a decade in a war that has caused many casualties and countless refugees. Let us listen to the cry of children rising from Yemen, where there are so many the tragedy that everyone forgot has been for years devouring silently and causing deaths every day.”

The Middle East and the whole world- The Pope prayed for “the Afghan people, who for more than forty years have been severely tested by the conflicts that have driven so many to leave the country,” and the Pope called for “light and support” for those who believe and work, and also against the tide, in favor of meeting and dialogue “and not spreading” metaphors The gangrenous conflict in Ukraine. Baby Jesus, give peace and harmony to the Middle East and the whole world.”

Calm societies afflicted by tension and conflict. “The King of Peoples – continued Francis – helps the political authorities to calm communities afflicted by tensions and strife. Support the people of Myanmar, where intolerance and violence often also affect the Christian community and places of worship, and hides the peaceful face of it” the population. Be light and supportive who believe and work, go against the current, and prefer meeting and dialogue,” he said again.

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Unemployment and economic inequality “Prince of Peace – continued the pontiff – help Ethiopia to rediscover the path of reconciliation and peace through a sincere confrontation that puts the needs of the population first. Hear the cry of the people of the Sahel, who suffer from the violence of international terrorism.. Turn your gaze to the peoples of North African countries afflicted by divisions, unemployment, economic disparities, and alleviating the suffering of the many brothers and sisters who suffer from internal conflicts in Sudan and South Sudan.” . “May the values ​​of solidarity, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence prevail in the hearts of the peoples of the American continent, through dialogue, mutual respect and recognition of the rights and cultural values ​​of all human beings,” the Pope added. .

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