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A debate between science, spirituality, and communication, with the extraordinary participation of Monica Giritor Eventi in Forli

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Thursday 28 July, 9:00 pm, evening of discussion “Which water? The gift of water: individual and collective responsibility”. This event is organized by the Legal Department of the Municipality of Forlì as part of the “Vitamina (L)egalità 2022” project and in cooperation with “WWF – Forlì Cesena” and “Friday for Future Forlì”.

The event will open with a greeting by Mayor Gian Luca Zattini and a presentation by Legal Counsel Pia Baroni and Environmental Associations. The protagonists of the meeting will be the actress Monica Giritor, the journalist Marco Bellancione (Chairman of the Department of El Resto del Carlino), the biologist and President of the Foundation of the Attilio Rinaldi Center for Marine Research, and the Freire Felice Auteri of the San Francisco Convent. d’Assisi.

The issue of water is a very important topic that you should pay attention to, especially in this very critical period. Climate change, environmental heritage, the relationship between man and nature, actions and heritage: within these scientific, cultural and ethical coordinates, a discussion will take place aimed at developing civic awareness and awareness and the need for appropriate behavior and correct rules to be respected.

Submission is free. Reservations recommended: IAT, tel. 0543712362, [email protected], Monday to Sunday 9-13 and 14-19. All citizens are invited.

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