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Spengler, Team Canada is a semi-finalist

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The second goal in a few days for Canada, which after scoring four goals against Frölunda in its first match, this time scored six goals against the Finnish team Kalpa from Kuopio, which was eliminated from the Graubünden tournament with a score of 6-3. Although, just like the afternoon match between Ambre and Frolunda, the challenge remains open for a long time between the Canadians and Calpa, with Joly and his teammates making the difference between the end of the second half and the start of the final third, thanks DiDomenico scored three close goals (38'44'') and Asselin (42'04'') and Hazen (41'36''), with the Finns taking advantage of their opponents' relaxation at the end to close the gap. , before the final 6-3 at the hands of DeDomenico with an empty net.

Thus, tomorrow evening, the Maple Leaf team will be chosen to compete for a place in the final against Czech Dinamo Pardubice, in a truly exciting match, preceded in the afternoon by the other semi-final between Davos and Poland. Swedes from Frölunda in Gothenburg.

Quarter-finals: Embry Biota – Frolunda Gothenburg 0-5, Team Canada – Kalpa Kuopio 6-3
Weekend programme. Saturday: 15.10 Davos – Frolunda Gothenburg, 20.15 Dinamo Pardubice – Team Canada. Sunday: 12.10 Final

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