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New MacBook Air with M2 and iOS 16 – Corriere.it

New MacBook Air with M2 and iOS 16 – Corriere.it
From Paolo Ottolina and Alessio Lana

June 6 developer event: software innovations like iOS 16 and iPadOS but also the renewed MacBook Air and Pro with the new processor developed in-house by Apple

Wwdc 22, World Developers Conference, the annual date dedicated to Apple developers, where Apple announces new releases and features for applications and operating systems, but also often introduces Some hardware news. Here is what was announced in chronological order. Here we have collected All news.

20.47 – Tim Cook concluded WWDC 2022 by reminding that new Apple operating systems, from iOS 16 to macOS Ventura, will be available next fall.

20.35 – We move to iPadOs. It comes on the iPad freeform, a highly advanced collaborative app that allows you to share a virtual whiteboard with drawings, documents, and photos with your workgroup while chatting about Facetime in the corner (Free Form also arrives on macOs and iOS). Also announced were Desktop APIs – tools for developing iPad apps as close as possible to their Mac counterparts.

20.29 – Among the news here Continuity for the camera: You can use the iPhone as a webcam with another Apple device, with support dedicated to attaching to the back of your Mac (manufactured by Belkin). The iPhone’s Ultra Wide Camera can be used as an overhead camera framing a desk, displaying a design from your collection or a document. A small thing but perhaps the most innovative demo seen at this WWDC.

20.20 – pass keys Apple’s move toward the Fido standard: Replacing passwords with biometrics tools built into devices. Here you will find an in-depth analysis About how the system works to give away passwords and increase security.

20.13 – macOS time, the next version will be macOS Ventura (Not former coach Giampiero n Simona, but California Pacific District.) New for window management, improved search in Spotlight and Mail.

20.10 – a. the prices From new Macs:
– MacBook Air M2 starting at $1199
– MacBook Pro, $1,299
– The ‘old’ MacBook Air M1 has been relocated for $999

20.02 – This is the first Mac with M2: The New Edition MacBook Air. All-new design, flat like MacBook Pro and no longer wedge-shaped, but very thin (11.3mm and weighing 1.22kg). 4 colors: gold, silver, gray and beautiful black. The Liquid Retina display rises to 13.6 inches, which reduces bezels and supports up to 1 billion colors. And finally the integrated Full HD webcam (complete with Apple branding now). The sound also improved. Fanless design, completely silent. Battery up to 18 hours of video playback. And now the power supply has two USB-C ports for iPhone charging as well, and there’s support for fast charging up to 67W. Ports: The beloved MagSafe is back and there are 2 Thunderbolt plus the audio jack.

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19.57 – It seems that Apple announced yesterday The first M1 processor. And now we’re at M2. Mac era, in a nutshell. M2 continues the discourse that began with M1: to give more power but also and above all to do so by reducing consumption. The M2 promises to be 87% of the most powerful 12-core notebook chips in the competition, but using only a quarter of the power. The result is fanless PCs that are extremely quiet and efficient in terms of consumption, while still being very powerful.
The M2 will have an 8-core CPU and up to 10-core CPU, with a maximum of 24GB of memory (on Apple processors only between RAM and GPU)

19.51. – Apple Watch E health. Sleep stages provide more detailed data (deep sleep, REM, etc.) on sleep quality. For those with atrial fibrillation, an AFib history (which must be approved by health authorities) will be able to provide both historical and long-term data.
The clock now has a function pharmaceutical So that you do not forget the treatment plan and create a calendar. With an iPhone, simply scan a drug’s barcode to add it to your treatment plan.

19.50- The Fitness app will now also be able to work with the iPhone, without the Watch, using the phone’s sensors.

19-43 – Time for Apple Watch and Monitor 9. New watch faces (five) are coming to customize the watch. Small new graphics also for Siri and dock. It does not look like a historical copy of watch systems, but on the other hand, the Apple Watch is now a fully mature product. The main ads focus on the front FitnessInstead, there is room for Apple to compete with specialized manufacturers such as Garmin. For example, there are 3 new running scales, which exploit the watch’s sensors: one stem oscillation, one stride length and finally ground contact. In short, it will tell you whether you are running well or poorly.

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19.40 – A new generation of CarplayWhich will adapt to the giant screens and the different shapes that have begun to be available on the latest generation of cars. Simple yet rich and highly customizable graphics. The iPhone, while connected to the car, will be able to display all the information about the car (speed, fuel consumption, etc.). A completely different concept from the very simple concept of the current CarPlay that requires close cooperation with car manufacturers: there are many brands already involved in the project (Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Renault, Honda and many others).

19.37 – A space for home automation: Apple reaffirms its commitment to issue, a protocol that should (hopefully) from the fall become a kind of lingua franca for the smart home (Amazon, Google, Samsung, and many other big names have also joined). A new application residence (Home) Coming soon, completely redesigned and hopefully easier and more efficient

19.34 – Security Check A function to help victims of domestic violence or stalking, to stop sharing content or situation with people who are no longer trustworthy with one click.

19.28 – New jobs from civil control For families: Usage time seems to have been completely redesigned and optimized. in picture Smart Photo Sharing comes automatically to specific users that we can choose: Shared Photo Library is called iCloud, which is a shared album that can be accessed by up to 6 people, friends or singles.

19.22 – Apple Pay Adds Apple Pay Later that splits a payment made with Apple Pay into 4 (interest-free) installments. Within Wallet, order shipments paid using Apple Pay can be tracked.

7.15 pm – Some news about Messages, such as ‘undo’ to recall a message that has already been sent but will be deleted. Then the news about siri Dictation and dictation functions: the keyboard now stays open while you dictate a message, to quickly correct wrong words. live text (The function that “reads” a text framed by the camera and converts it into editable text) is enriched with new functions: not only for photos but also for videos with subtitles and ready-made currency conversions, at a distance of one touch.

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19.12 – The most interesting is the possibility to combine the new lock screen with to focus, the “Please Do Not Disturb” evolution that arrived last year. You can bind the lock screen to a certain time of the day, working for example, set in focus.

19.07 – iPhone will contain a file All new lockscreen. More customizable with a real editor to modify not only the image but the colors, fonts, date and time shading. On the lock screen, you can put your favorite gadgets to get information (calendar, weather, fitness, etc.) in a jiffy, without unlocking the iPhone. Nothing revolutionary, we are talking about the features on Android for years, but iPhone users will be satisfied.

19.05 – We go to Craig Federighi inside the Steve Jobs Theater he’s talking about, after a special effect from a James Bond movie iOS 16the new operating system for the iPhone, which will be released this fall.

19.00 – We start with an introductory video. The camera approaches Apple Park, home to Apple’s spaceship in Cupertino, and Tim Cook gives a good morning as he walks inside the circular building. His speech focused on developers and Apple’s various initiatives around the world, from Detroit to Arabia (It was one of the first in Naples).

18.05 – This is the Tweet with Tim Cook Greetings to the developers who will be attending the conference. Among other things, the Apple CEO also changed his social media profile picture by adopting the conference graphic style.

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