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Fantastic 4 and the X-Men, how much have the MCU plans changed? Revealed by Kevin Feige

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L ‘Disney’s acquisition of FOX In 2019, it brought back the rights to hugely popular Marvel characters such as i Fantastic 4 and X-Men. However, how does this addition affect the ongoing plans for the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Kevin Feige explains.

Obviously without revealing anything about what was and will happen, as is usually the case Marvel Studios President Kevin FeigeAlways so adept at misleading and avoiding spoilers in his answers, he recently commented on Collider Micros as an entry on the list of usable characters in the MCU for two powerful names How the X-Men and Fantastic 4 affected the decisions and plans for the future of Marvel Studios, particularly those of the Multiverse.

I think the old one [il Multiverso] Also in the first Doctor Strange movie, when he takes Stephen Strange on that hallucinatory mental journey. And it has always been one of the most powerful narration tools in the comics, one that you should use with caution, because it doesn’t require a lot of exaggeration, but it’s also one with 80 stories for the comics, now over 20 for the movies, and we have enough characters to play it that wayFeige saysThen we mention it, of course, as part of Mysterio’s farce in Far From Home. And I think these “games” increased thanks to the acquisition of FOX, but it didn’t change the timing at which we were going to introduce the idea of ​​the multiverse“.

It is clear that the addition of many new games, as the head of Marvel calls them, is also attributed to the various games Agreements with Sony, but now MCU They can truly explore the most limitless corners of the multiverse, and that seems to be the goal of Marvel Studios.

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