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Hockey, defeat Edelfox Grosseto at home to Sandrigo – GrossetoSport

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Edelfox Grosseto Tilia Sandrigo 0-1

EDILFOX GROSSETO: Minishti, Sassetti; Mountain, Nacivic, Saavedra, Rodriguez, Baguio, Franchi, Capella, Biancoche. Federico Buggy’s flocks.

Tilia Sandrigo: Bernardelli, Coco; Ballaris, Pozzato, Boleto, Garcia Bielsa, Menin, Cocoa, Neves, Gavioli. Shepherd Franco Vanzo.

the reviewer: Luca Moli and Mauro Jiangregorio.

Networks: At 18’48 Nevis Street

An amazing housewife setback Edilfox Skaters Club Grosseto On the path of Mario Barry in Via Mercurio opposite a Telia Sandrigo Who showed all his qualities, starting with a well-organized defense that stopped any offensive attack by the Maremmans, who found the winning shot with Diogo Neves six minutes from the end.

In the early stages Grossetto produced the most scoring chances, but Bernardelli contrasts well with the shots of Saavedra and Rodriguez. At 8′ Baggie’s shot slashed the bar. Sandrigo, who wanted to keep his hopes of catching up to 10th, is not only looking to defend himself, but responds with a nice shot from Gavioli, which Minechetti extends. By including Mount and Nacivic on the field, the skaters club increases the pressure, but Bernardelli is ready for the triple finale of Nacivic and Rodriguez. In the 8th minute from the end, coach Bhagi also plays the Capella card. The attempts of Pozzato and Garcia sent chills into Edelfox, who again criticized Bernardelli before the break and had to break with a 0-0 draw.

The second half begins similar to the first with Grosseto’s attempt to unlock the score, with a maneuver perhaps a bit discreet and Telea responded with some serious counter-attacks. At 13:30 at the end, England’s Alex Mount on the most spectacular occasion in front of the goalkeeper failed to send Franchi. Mount tries to make up for it, but two attempts are made by my height. At 6’12 comes the taunting of Red and White, who succumbed to a Diogo Neves shot from distance. The match caught on: Cp Grosseto came close to equalizing twice, conceding a penalty from a Franchi shot. Bernardelli stops Stefano Baghi. In the last ninety seconds, Mr. Baghi put the fifth man on the ring, with an unguarded goal, but even that desperate move isn’t enough to straighten the match.

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At this time of the season, when the team is expected to play in the Italian Cup quarter-finals in Follonica on Wednesday, it is essential to immediately rule out this hiccup and return to victory in order to conquer a prestigious place in the final standings. of the regular season.


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