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Ukraine – Russia, news of the war today, March 4, 2023. Shoigu’s threat: “We transferred the Iskander missiles to Belarus”

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Daria Trepova’s arrest turned into an arrest
She confessed: “They promised to send me to Kiev.”

Pass a test for expatriation in Ukraine and work as a journalist in that country. This would have prompted Daria Trepova to hand over the statuette of nationalist journalist and blogger Vladlen Tatarsky, which then exploded, killing him Sunday in a Saint Petersburg cafe and injuring more than 40 people. At least, this is what appears from excerpts from the interrogation published by the independent Russian website Fontanka. However, there is no confirmation that the 26-year-old was aware that that “gift” had to go off. “They set me up,” she told the interrogators. Trepova, who was transferred yesterday from St. Petersburg, appeared today before the Basmanny District Court in Moscow, which converted the arrest into an arrest, charging her with terrorism, with the possibility of a prison sentence of up to 20 years.


According to the transcript of the interrogation given by Fontanka, Trepova allegedly said that after the test for the statuette, a ticket was already ready for her for a flight that was supposed to take her to Uzbekistan the next day, and from there to Ukraine. At least that’s what I promised. But by whom? And the woman, who has not hidden her opposition to intervention in Ukraine, is a regular visitor to Ukrainian Telegram channels. Through one of them, she said, she reached out to an unidentified activist who was going to offer her the possibility of a new life. Provided that you undergo some tests. The first, which he passed, was an interview with Tatarsky in a St. Petersburg bookstore, where he made a report on him. The second rehearsal, scheduled for Sunday, was the delivery of the famous statuette – a bust of a military man – to Tatarsky himself. “Give it to him, say something about Wagner’s heroes and we’ll take care of it then,” his managers would have told her. Perhaps they were ready to trigger the explosives from a distance. The interrogators asked Trepova: “Did you know it was a bomb?” “They didn’t tell me outright, but I suspected something bad,” she said. How much he suspected is not clear given that, as a video shows, moments before the explosion, he had accepted Tatarsky’s invitation to sit no more than four or five meters away from him. Another video shows her moments after the explosion, standing outside the club, among other patrons, some bleeding, and walking around in shock. Then she leaves, miraculously unharmed.

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