Home World Netanyahu’s darkest day in deserted Tel Aviv with the generals

Netanyahu’s darkest day in deserted Tel Aviv with the generals

Netanyahu’s darkest day in deserted Tel Aviv with the generals

From our correspondent
Jerusalem – The streets leading to the Tel Aviv Museum are as deserted as the poster advertising Amos Gitai’s installation about the Yom Kippur War. Fifty years later, the city has become a technology capital, and the pain is still the same.

The avenue continues until the white cube of the Kirya, the Israeli “Pentagon”, where it is concentrated Military leadership and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He spends these hours. As an attentive reader of Winston Churchill, he realizes that he could not rescue the soldiers stranded on Dunkirk beach, like the British leader, and must revive a country mired in Saturday morning terror. And lead it into battle: For the first time in many years, the government announced this immediately after many clashes occurred State of war. Everything changes, because everything changes.


On the 12th floor of the skyscraper, the Defense Minister’s office and the Chief of Staff’s office are located a few doors away. Herzi Halevy and Yoav Gallant — the minister who was fired but never fired because he requested a halt to the government’s justice project that brought Israelis into the streets to protest for ten months — offer the prime minister potential strategic moves. Restoring the dispersed deterrence force, such as the hostages held in Gaza, to prevent the conflict from spreading to other fronts, the north, where Hezbollah is moving on the Blue Line drawn by the United Nations between Lebanon and Israel.

Bibi – as he is called and the title of his autobiography – announces to the nation “Revenge” For the darkest hour, for sure The most tragic day in the life of a politician Who promised to protect the nation from existential threats. American magazine timeWho had already crowned Pepe the King, brought him back to the cover a few years ago accompanied by his words: “The strong survive.”

the father

This phrase not only reflects the pessimistic view of the world, inherited from his father Ben Zion, who as a historian studied the persecution of the Jews by the Spanish Inquisition throughout his long life (he died at the age of 102). The danger of returning to the dark years was part of the young Netanyahu’s education and nurturing The solution to confront the threat of Iran possessing an atomic bomb.

Abraham Accords

For this reason, he chose to favor efforts to reach the Abrahamic Accords with some Arab countries “The New Middle East” And isolate Tehran. The devastating invasion began just meters from his home, and now his first challenge is to regain the Israelis’ trust.


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