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Karuvita in the Bergamo region shedding the blood of 500 million: “It will be a meager Christmas”

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Snappy on the horizon For Bergamo families, an increase of 500 million euros is expected. The increase in prices, affecting basic necessities, is already having its effects on energy and food costs. According to estimates by Adiconsum Lombardia, each family unit of three people will have to pay an additional 1,300 euros, spread over 12 months. Specifically, 410 euros (for a total, multiplied by 450 thousand Bergamo families exceeds 180 million) will be used to pay the electricity bill, 370 euros (165 million will come out of Orobic families’ wallets) will be used to pay gas for heating and cooking, while 205 Euros per family (which makes 90 million Euros on Bergamo families) represents the costs arising from the increase in fuel.

Rising inflation also weighs on food, which threatens to hit the pockets of families in Bergamo and its province for another €90m. The surge in electricity is already evident in October and November, with the real risk of consumers losing their purchasing power around Christmas. We are at the gates of the winter period, and this certainly will not facilitate the situation, because of the high costs that will also be allocated in the budget for heating. “Again, the strong growth is mainly due to higher prices for energy and home goods (+11%) – Mina Bossi, President of Adiconsum Bergamo – commented. Driven by the increase in transportation costs (+8.1%), prices of basic necessities, such as food, also rose (+0.9%), with increases also expected for goods with a higher frequency of purchase, accommodation and catering services, health services and spending on health and education. In these proportions, inflation is also reaching its highest levels in our region since 2012 – continues Busi -. Moreover, a significant increase in energy costs will have other negative consequences on the front of energy poverty, a phenomenon that is unfortunately growing rapidly. In addition to monitoring and controlling the trend of prices, especially energy and food prices, to avoid the phenomenon of speculation, it is necessary for the government to intervene by putting a reform of the tax system on bills on the agenda (starting with a careful study). A review of the notorious system fee) and fuel (with a review of the excise fee), which are now urgent – concludes Mina Bossi -. In the meantime, we must learn to observe the offerings of the various centers to try to conserve and use all precautions to avoid wasting energy in the winter period.”

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