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Nearly 10,000 soldiers in Moscow said they wanted to surrender.

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Surprise Metsola visits Kyiv

The head of the Eurochamber, surprisingly, arrived in Ukraine. “It’s good to be back in Ukraine. With these brave people who inspired the world. With these heroes who don’t give up. With those who sacrificed everything for our values. With the Europeans whose home is our European Union,” she wrote in a tweet, posting a photo of herself in Kiev. In the evening.

Schulz to Biden: An important message about continuing aid to Kiev

It is very important to send a message that the allies will continue to support Ukraine: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this in his meeting in the Oval Office with Joe Biden.

United States, a new 400 million military aid package for Kiev

The United States has officially announced a new $400 million military aid package for Kiev. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the package includes more ammunition for HIMARS missile launchers and howitzers already provided by the United States, as well as ammunition for Bradley Fighting Vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

Nearly 10,000 soldiers said they wanted to surrender

There will be 9,836 Russian soldiers and soldiers from the occupied territories who have so far called the available telephone line in Kiev for those who are considering surrendering. This was stated by the Prisoners of War Coordination Headquarters, citing Ukraine’s Pravda. The Hochu Zhit (I Want to Live) project was completed six months ago by the Ukrainian authorities. Since then, the site has been visited by more than 14 million people, despite attempts by the Russian authorities to block access to it. 84% of the site’s visitors are from Russia. In addition to the soldiers, it is the family members who also call the phone line because the military is often denied access to the Internet on mobile phones.

The final battle at Bakhmut

“Heavy fighting is going on in and around the city,” before Bakhmut, where Russian forces deploy their most experienced units. CNN reported that, citing the Ukrainian military. The Russian occupiers sent the best trained units of PMC Wagner and other regular units of the Russian Army to capture the city. Army Ground Forces said, in a report on a visit to the front by the commander of the Eastern Group of Forces, Colonel Oleksandr Sersky.

Serbia, Ministry of Defense: “We have not sent weapons to Ukraine”

The Serbian Ministry of Defense denied the news that appeared about the supply of ammunition to the end user in Ukraine.

None of our missiles, mines or missiles since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine have been delivered to any of the parties involved in the conflict. Therefore, Serbian companies did not supply weapons and military equipment to Ukraine.

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USA: A new $400 million package is ready

It will be worth approx 400 million dollars The new US aid package to Ukraine that will be announced today on the occasion of German Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s visit to the White House.

The package will include ammunition for the Himars missile launcher and various artillery systems. It will also include the first Armored bridge vehicles, designed for laying relatively small bridges or footbridges across trenches. This assistance will come from stocks placed under Presidential Drag Authoritywhich means that weapons and equipment can quickly reach Ukraine.

With the package announced today, the United States will have committed more than $32 billion to Ukraine since the war began more than a year ago.

Kiev, the arrival of up to three combat aircraft

I’m sure we’ll have two to three types of combat aircraft. There will be one main plane and it will depend on which plane is best for Ukraine. For our airports, for our engineers, for maintenance ». This was stated by Defense Minister Oleksey Resnikov In an interview with Build.

“I think it will be a kind of alliance again, we will have a flagship model and other types,” he explained. Commenting on Berlin’s refusal to supply aircraft, the minister noted that “Germany does not want to send tanks. Now there are tigers in my country, I have personally experienced leopards from Germany.”

In the interview, Resnikov also addressed the argument that Ukraine should conduct negotiations with Putin: “My boss made it clear that we will not negotiate with the current head of the Kremlin.

The minister said that Ukraine is ready to negotiate compensation, an international tribunal and the Kremlin’s responsibility for war crimes, the so-called Nuremberg 2. Then Reznikov stated that he believes the war may end this year: «I am optimistic, I see the situation on the battlefield, I see the development of support and I really see that there is The chance that this war will end with our victory by this year, ”he said, adding that he does not see a threat of tactical nuclear weapons from Russia:“ It is a hoax, I know the Russians. Using nuclear weapons will not give them what they want.”

Wagner Group: Mercenaries open a youth training center

The notorious Wagner mercenary group opened an event and activity for young people called «Wagneryonok”(“ Little Wagnerian ”) is based at the headquarters of the pro-Kremlin paramilitary organization in St. Petersburg: Moscow Times and other Russian media.

second Medusa, the first meeting of “Wagneryonok” took place at the end of January and was attended by the leader of the “Just Russia” party Sergey Mironov. The newspaper writes that, according to club members, they were offered to try out a driving simulator with a drone. According to the Moscow Times, subscribers will be currently about 60. The Wagner Group is accused of atrocities and war crimes.

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Kherson bombing in the city: a tractor driver was killed and two seriously wounded

In the Kherson region, a tractor driver was killed in Russian shelling near a village Tomarin in the area Preslav. The enemy also attacked a village Kozatsky in the Kakhovka area, injuring two people.

“Near the village of Tomarin, Preslav County, the Russians shot a tractor driver. The 33-year-old victim was taken to the nearest medical facility by the military. However, the doctors could not do anything, they only declared him dead, ”the Kherson regional military administration wrote in Telegram. Russian militias also once again attacked the village of Kozatsky in the Kakhovka district. Two people were injured And now the doctors are providing them with the necessary rest.

Moscow: The United States and NATO indicate targets for the bombing of Kiev

The United States and NATO continue their “geopolitical plans to eliminate Russia” by supplying weapons to Ukraine, training its armed forces and “helping Kiev decide which targets to bomb”. This was stated in a statement by the Moscow Foreign Ministry.

Kuleba hears Blinken

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba He had a telephone conversation with the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkenwho briefed him on the foreign affairs work of the G20 in New Delhi. Kuliba himself writes it on Twitter. I have outlined our next steps to establish a special tribunal to investigate the crime of aggression against Ukraine: Our next big task is to ensure that the Russian leadership is held accountable. “Coordinated efforts are key,” Kuleba wrote in the post.

Lavrov: The G20 is only interested in Ukraine, a shame

Russia’s foreign minister says the G20 “only cares about Ukraine” and “it’s a shame” Sergey Lavrov Speaking in the “Resina Dialogue”. “I asked my Indian friends and my Indonesian friends who chaired the G20 and those who chaired before Indonesia, whether the G20 ever thought about the situation in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or Yugoslavia in its statements, because the G20 was formed in 1999. At the level of finance ministers and governors Central banks, Lavrov said, according to Tass. “But no one cares. Now that Russia has begun to defend itself after years of warnings, the G20 is only interested in Ukraine. “It’s a pity and this policy will fail,” said the head of Russian diplomacy, whose forces have invaded Ukraine.

Kiev: The Russians are advancing towards Bakhmut, but not as fast as they would like

Russian forces are advancing a Bakhmutbut not as fast as they would like: the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine said, Oleksey Danilov, in an interview with the country’s media. “They are all there, but they can’t do anything for a long time,” said the senior official, referring to Prigozhin’s Wagner Group and Russia’s Armed Forces and Airborne Forces. Yes, they are progressing, but not as fast as they would like.

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Wagner: Bakhmut was surrounded, and Zelensky evacuated the old people and children

According to Russian mercenary group Wagner, Evgeny Prigozhin, Russian forces have effectively surrounded the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut (Russian: Artyomovsk), calling on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video address to evacuate the elderly and children. Russian media reported it. According to RIA Novosti, he called on the Ukrainian authorities to give the Armed Forces of Ukraine the opportunity to leave the city. A bloody battle raged in Bakhmut for weeks, practically a house-to-house battle.

Russian forces bomb Bakhmut’s main bridge

During the night, Russian forces blew up a major bridge connecting the besieged city Bakhmut To the nearby village of Khromov. This was reported by police sources in the Donetsk region to CNN, adding that they hope to repair the bridge in the coming days because it is “a vital artery for both civilians and supplies such as ammunition.” The bridge is also the main road linking from Bakhmut to the city of Chasev Yar, which the Ukrainian army still has access to through dirt roads and fields.

Anti-aircraft alert throughout Ukraine

An anti-aircraft alert has been declared across Ukraine in the last few minutes, according to national media. Meanwhile, monitoring groups reported the take-off of a Russian Air Force MiG-31K capable of carrying the Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

Today is a meeting with Biden Schultz

The White House meeting between Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Schultz is scheduled for 2 p.m. Washington time, 8 p.m. in Italy. The US administration reported this in a note. There is no joint press conference planned.

United States, a new package of 400 million weapons

Within a few hours, the United States will announce a new package of military aid to Ukraine, worth about $400 million and consisting mainly of ammunition. Reuters reported this on its website, citing informed sources, and confirmed what the White House announced in the daily briefing. The package, according to the specified sources, should contain missiles for anti-aircraft defense systems from Himar, ammunition for Bradley combat vehicles and armored bridge vehicles.

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