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Charles becomes king, in the Commonwealth the first farewell to the monarchy: Antigua and Barbuda wants to become a republic

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“Within three years the islands Antigua and Barbuda They will be able to decide whether to become a republic.” This is the Prime Minister of the Caribbean Islands Gaston Brown Quote by BBC in shape On the future of the two Commonwealth territories and on Referendum He could turn them into a republic. Both Antigua and Barbuda are recognized as king and head of state Charles IIIIn front of him is the Queen Mother Queen Elizabeth II. But now they seem ready to make the leap toward independence. “this is not hostile action‘,” the Prime Minister clarified a few days later the death King of England and from Advertising for the new king. “But the last step is to complete the cycle of independence and turn into a truly sovereign state,” he added. Brown also made it clear that he would hold a referendum if re-elected next year. A very likely possibility if we consider the fifteen of the 17 seats his party holds in the House of Representatives. In addition to the United Kingdom, King Charles III holds the position of Head of State in 14 countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. some of these They began to reconsider the role of propertyAnd others have already done so. In 2021 it was Barbados To elect the first president after that remove the queen From the office of the head of state. Mrs. Sandra Mason(72 years old) Governor-General of the island since 2018 Elected President of the Nation After a vote in Parliament. On the same wavelength too JamaicaThe ruling Labor Party announced its goal of holding a referendum to become an independent republic.

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“Carlo’s heir will remove the Commonwealth.”

So the new king will have a lot to do with UK Parliament, that is, with that group of countries formerly belonging to the British Empire, still partly subject to the Crown, and now partly allied as republics. In the early hours of taking office as the new governor, Charles III had a meeting with Baroness Patricia of Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth and the High Commissioners of the 14 nations who continue to recognize him as Head of State. He assured them again of “the obligation to serve the realms of the Commonwealth, not just the United Kingdom, with loyalty and compliance with their respective constitutional rules”. In any referendum, Charles III had already expressed his opinion at the last summit held in Rwanda last June, where he made it clear that “to remain under the monarchy or to become a republic is up to each state to decide freely”. He added, “My long life experience has taught me that changes can be agreed upon Quietly and without grudgeBritish analysts in this regard seem to have no doubt: the rise of a “less popular” heir could provide a window of opportunity for Republican margin arguments across the channel about the costs of an institution that, if eliminated, would exempt taxpayers from 350 million pounds annually.

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