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Women’s Volleyball World Cup 2022. In Germany, Canada USA Avalanche beat Bulgaria to advance to second round. Argentina OK! – OA game

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An Afternoon with American Flavor The third last of the challenges in the first round of the World Cup in Poland and the Netherlands. S.USA, Canada and Argentina certainly did not spare the emotions at the end of the matches. The U.S. lost what should have been a perfect third set (3-0) to two-faced Germany, while Canada deservedly beat Bulgaria 3-1. Gain access to the second round e Argentina progressed to the next round with a 3-2 win over Colombia in the derby.

Everything was easy for the U.S. against Germany, or nearly so, as Karch Crawley’s team got up late to worry. One who takes advantage of it to deceive a large part of the team. The Stars and Stripes team, for real Dominating the first half, they started strong and finished with a score of 25-17 in favor of you. In the second set, there was a gap between the two teams Germany could not embarrass the USA who won 25-14.

All the emotion of the match was concentrated in the third set with the USA cruising to an easy 14-11 victory. But something catches on to Crawley’s team’s game, and he takes advantage of it Even with the score at 22-21, Germany squandered a set point and the American’s service difference eventually ended the match 26-24. For Americans, a player in double figures, Stevenson with 12 points, While Drews was the second highest scorer with 9 runs. A single player in double count Germany, Trunioc with 11 points.

The battle between Canada and Bulgaria was to be and decisive to qualify for the next round in a challenge. More consistent, less erratic and more effective at hitting the bases The Canadian team, who deservedly won, were only hurt in the second leg by the Bulgarians who won the sprint.

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In the first set, Van Ryck and Gray led the North American team to a 25-21 victory. In the second set, Micelli’s Bulgaria responded and played well Vasileva and Paskova on shields, He comes to serve for the set at 24-22 but sees two set points averted. A settlement for the advantage rewarding the Bulgarian team with a score of 27-25.

Canada restarted and immediately took a good lead (7-4). The third set continues with the North Americans up 24-18. Bulgaria canceled two sets of balls but surrendered Maglio’s first half: 25-20. The music doesn’t change in the fourth set, it’s there The Canadian team would take off immediately (8-4) and keep the opponents at a safe distance 25-15 It caters to North Americans Initial qualification. Canadian home Van Ryk was the top scorer with 22 points. Gray had 19, Howe had 17 and Maglio had 11 points. Vasileva had 18 points for Bulgaria and Paskova 16.

A classic South American style battle in the derby between Argentina and Colombia, Allocation of fourth place in Group D was decisive and ended in a tie at half-time A win for Argentina, who will be playing in the second round of the World Cup, denying Colombia their first ever win.

Practically nothing worked in Argentina in the first part. Albiceleste start poorly and they manage to get back on track at 11-11 But then get back into the game The Colombians restarted with momentum (16-13) and thanks to several mistakes by their rivals until the end 25-19.

Only Argentina is in the second set On the pitch: The Biancocelesti immediately took a decisive advantage and leveled the scores The score was 25-17. Both teams fought hard in the third set War points to the point of settlement of benefits rewarding the Colombians (29-27). Argentina’s acceleration in the middle of the fourth set made it 2-2: 25-20.

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Only tied in the first part of the fifth set, Argentina then stormed out and dominated the final, imposing themselves 15-8. Argentina is the top scorer in the tournament Mercado with 28 points. At home, Argentina were led by Nisedich with 20 points, Herrera Rodriguez with 15 points and Pulich with 11 points. Segovia 26 points for Colombia, 20 for Conio, 12 for Mosquera.

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