October 1, 2023

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Bolzano returns to jubilation. Beat the Austrians in Graz – OA Sport

With great effort but also with great joy. On the Sunday evening of the 2021-2022 ICE League, Bolzano returned beaming. In fact, the Italian franchise, at Palaonda den, managed to beat the Austrians in the Graz99ers 3-2. Let’s go and see how it goes on the right track.

Ice Hockey, Ice League 2021-2022: Bolzano Grazers 3-2 The Chronicle

The challenge is tense. Diego Gluck takes care of lifting the ban shortly after the 10th minute, with a 1-0 point that put Bolzano’s players ahead in the first half. But the joy does not last long, because in the second period everything happens.

The Austrians immediately tied with Ken Ojrajensek and then, benefiting from the power game, even took the lead with Andrew Gordon. The Italian team goes to the ropes, but does not give up: a minute and a half into the last rest, here is the flash – also in the game of strength – Dan Catenacci. It’s the 2-2 goal that sends the teams into the final race.

The third period is chess. To find the winning move, Mike Halmo designs a 3-2 in which Bolzano, after difficult and complicated weeks, returns to win with the hope of a fresh start.

HCB Alto Adige Alperia – Graz99ers 3 – 2 [1-0; 1-2; 1-0]

Networks: 10:15 Diego Gluck (1-0); 20:52 Ken Ograjensic (1-1); 27:30 Andrew Gordon PP1 (1-2); 38:26 on PP1 Catenacci (2-2); 44:12 Mike Halmo BB1 (3-2)

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Photo: Fana Antonello