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Zelensky to the US Congress: “Your money is not charity, but an investment”

Zelensky to the US Congress: “Your money is not charity, but an investment”

Strong and honest. This was the appeal that Volodymyr Zelensky personally made to the US Congress. Speaking in English to give his words more weight, Ukraine’s leader clearly called for continued and growing support of the United States and its allies against Russian aggression, stressing how important it is.
“Your money is not charity, it is an investment,” in defense of democracy everywhere Zelensky peppers one of his most effective pronouncements.

Help accelerate success

“You can accelerate our success with help,” he continued. “Do we have artillery? Yes, thanks. But is that enough? Not true.” The aid is well spent, he added, addressing parliamentarians who see resistance to continuing indefinitely in the massive support for Kyiv among their ranks.

The Trumpians get away

But not this time. The applause and applause were thunderous and dominant in the congressional hall of the two chambers meeting during the 25 minutes of the speech. Except for a handful of Republicans, right-wing populists close to Donald Trump, who have stayed on the sidelines or pulled out entirely from what most saw as a historic date on Capitol Hill. They remained seated or with their hands in their pockets even when the words “Long live Ukraine!” were chanted.

Biden, support ‘as long as necessary’

Zelensky’s speech came at the end of a whirlwind trip to Washington that saw him in the White House alongside Joe Biden. During a joint press conference, Biden promised to fully assist Ukraine, “as long as necessary,” indicating in practice, like Zelensky, that he does not expect the conflict to end soon. He stressed that the leader’s visit in Kyiv highlights “the need for unity in 2023 and the American people stand by Ukraine step by step and will continue to do so.” Military leaders in Washington increasingly believe the war could enter a violent stalemate, with a difficult advance for the Ukrainians and Russians.

Ukraine from Biden to Zelensky: “It’s an honor to be with you”

Zelensky, a just peace cannot harm Ukraine

To those who asked him what was a just peace capable of ending a war, Zelensky replied that he was not sure what it was. But this is certain that cannot undermine the sovereignty, freedom and territorial integrity of his country. He said Ukraine was fighting for the same values ​​espoused by the United States and for “shared success against tyranny”.


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