Home sport Mc Control Devils Vicenza in Novi Ligure beat Monleale 11-2

Mc Control Devils Vicenza in Novi Ligure beat Monleale 11-2

Mc Control Devils Vicenza in Novi Ligure beat Monleale 11-2

McControl Devils Vicenza Three points win vs Moonly there is chance the new Liguria The match closes with a score 11-2.
The race worked from start to finish without taking too many risks, even if the hosts had some chances and played openly throughout the match.
Network after less than a minute of sell meeventually scoring with a hat-trick, put the game on the slope and despite two goals from Monelli in the second half, one playing aggressively at the start and the other in the first half, the game never really reopened.
The Vicenza players relied on the qualities of the individuals and the strength of the team, and they also took advantage of this match to test with the back row and also allow those with less space to play. Result for red and white: sell me And Dolphin with three grids, Nicholas refrigeratorAnd PeaceAnd sigmundAnd howdah And Francis Kambula With.
In the goal for Vicenza players from the first minute Philip Dutchmanwho defended well, while Monleale was on the inside Cusin It is about half of the second half of the rematch amazingabsent for some time due to health reasons.

Now a busy week begins with two races: Wednesday February 1st in the evening at the Cittadella and Saturday February 4th 2023 at home with Edera Trieste. Then there will be the sixth Coppa Italia final, which will take place in Vicenza from February 10 to 12, 2023.

TABLE – ASD Monleale Sportleale – Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza, 2-11 (0-6)
MC vs Vicenza Devils
: Olando, Laner, Pace, Delfino, Dal Sasso, Frigo N., Hodge, Campulla L., Centofante, Campulla F., Sigmund, Chiamenti, Sigmund, Dell’Uomo, Vendrame, Montolli.
all cycle a.
ASD Monleale Sportleale: Cusin, Grando, Parodi, Crisci, Perazzelli, Novelli, Faravelli, Cantarutti, Pagani, Arbasino, Demichelis, Zancanaro Bricco.


networks – PT: 00.20 Vendrame (V), 02.55 Vendrame (V), 05.02 Delfino (V), 08.35 Sigmund (V), 13:55 Frigo N. (V), 19:23 Pace (V) – ST: 21.57 Novelli (M) )) p), 22.23 Vendrame (V), 27.40 Hodge (V) pp, 32.27 Cantarutti (M), 35.10 Delfino (V), 37.03 Campulla F. (V) pp, 37.24 Delfino (V).


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