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Journey on Four Rays 1 / Who is the director? Bella’s real name is…

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This evening Rai Uno presents the first viewing of “I travel on all foursThe director is Charles Martin Smith, and he is already the author of titles of a completely different kind such as “The Exclusions – The World at War” and “The Rules of the Game.” The film about Bella is based on a book by W. Bruce Cameron. The cast consists of well-known names and actors For the first time.Celebrities include Jonah Hauer-King (as Lucas), the male protagonist of the re-release of the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid”, and Ashley Judd (Terry). Lesser known actors include Alexandra Shipp (Olivia) and Edward James Olmos (Axel (Axel) ) and Chris Power (Kerch), Barry Watson (Gavin) and Motel Jane Foster (Taylor). The adult dog’s real name is Shelby, a trained dog: a rescue officer. That’s why the sexiest action scenes include the part of the movie that Bella grew up in. The movie aims to To be a celebration of pristine American nature.This is why, in addition to dogs, we will also note wild and endangered animals.Such as moose and bison (modification by F.D. Zaza).

Bella is not a pit bull, but…travel

Tonight on Rai Uno the first sighting will be broadcast: “Journey on all foursThe first curiosity is that in fact, although there are many news stories that see dogs coming home after long wanders (and sometimes cats), the movie is not based on a true story: Bella is just a dog chosen to represent this “universal story.” Many will wonder about the protagonist’s race. He’s certainly not a big bull, blatantly enough, despite the movie’s accusations of a “villain” (who would like Bella to be locked up in a shelter, since bulls are illegal in Denver). Half-breed dog. Finally, it must be emphasized that Bella is a real dog and not a “CGI” animal (or graphically generated on the computer): in this case we can say that the presence of a dog represented in “A Journey on All Fours” is a given. Actually it is not a crime. Other elements in the film are CGI, such as the Puma Bella he met during the trip (classified by F.D. Zaza).

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Dubbing Bryce Dallas Howard

The adventure movie reminds us of the story of the dog Flock. Journey on all fours It is inspired by the novel by William Bruce Cameron and represents the second interpretation of the movie Qua la zampa which has grossed over $200 million worldwide, while in Italy it is 1.5 million euros. The protagonist is Ashley Judd who we remember suing Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment. The original voice of Bella Dog is Bryce Dallas Howard. In the cast we also find Barry Watson who plays Gavin and was voiced in the Italian version by Luca Mannocci. Barry Watson is best known for starring in the TV series Seventh Heaven as Matt Camden. Also in the cinema we saw him in various roles with his debut in what seemed to be ready to become a cult but no luck after that, the movie in which Katie Holmes starred in Killing Mrs. Tingle. Later he also acted in the TV series about Brian and Samantha Who?

Journey on all fours, information flowing from the film

Journey on all fours It is “a story of hope and love told through the eyes and thoughts of a sweet dog.” Rossella Farinotti gave this film three stars out of the five made available by MyMovies and identifies: “The film tells a story of hope and love addressed to the general public through the eyes and thoughts of a humane dog and is able to solve complex situations driven by the deep love of Lucas, the human savior who has recovered him from the ruins of a home Abandoned. So the movie begins with true love at first sight between a puppy and a human.” Maurizio Acerbi at Il Giornale talks about “Lessie’s Homecoming in Today’s Edition”. The film has features of a family comedy but certainly has deep thoughts that can interest a fairly diverse audience. A trip is organized on all fours in Rai 1, click here For live broadcasting on MediasetPlay. Click here for the promotional video.

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Journey on all fours in Rai1

Journey on all fours will It is broadcast on Rai 1 channel today, January 2, 2022, starting at 9.30 pm. The film was distributed by Sony Pictures Italia / Warner Bros. Pictures Italia and produced by Bona Film Group, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Pariah. Directed by Charles Martin Smith, in his 48-year career, he directed 22 films and 1 TV series. In the cast we find Ashley Judd, In his 27-year career, he starred in 29 films and 1 television series. Her debut came in 1990, but she refused the part because it includes nude scenes, the director decides to entrust her with a small role in the same film. The original voice of Bella the dog from actress Bryce Dallas Howard. In 2022 we’ll see him in theaters with Argylle and Jurassic World dominating.

Journey on all fours movie plot: a puppy…

Journey on all fours Says The story of the puppy who lost his way home to chase a squirrel And he goes through thousands of adventures to get back to his master. Bella is a cute little dog who bravely faces the 600-kilometre journey alone to get back into the arms of her master, a medical student who is a volunteer at the hospital. The boy decides to take the dog home, which immediately becomes a member of the family. The character is very lively and although Lucas tries to tame her, she can’t keep herself out of trouble. So one day while in her room, she is distracted by a squirrel appearing on the window sill and Curious Bella runs after him, until she misses her way home. During her long journey, Bella encounters the lives of many people: from an orphaned lion cub she takes care of with great care, to an unfortunate homeless veteran. Among the many adventures she manages to find and save the life of a man buried by an avalanche, she fights to survive, and meets other four-legged friends who share his journey.

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Video, the trailer for the movie A Journey on All Fours

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