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Water Polo, World Cup: Italy-Canada Can’t Recover! North Americans

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Italy-CanadaValid for team level of competition The 2022 World Cup in water polo, will not be redeemed. The match was canceled due to three matches, as the two teams clashed head-to-head yesterday Positive for Govt-19 Found in the order of North American formation. Today there was talk of a chance to healBut molecular and rapid swaps carried out by the FINA task force have found an increase in cases.

Canada was thus excluded from the World Championship. Italy did not win at the table, while Spain’s victory in the opening match (19-2) was canceled. Italy and Spain will battle it out for first place in Group C in a live match tomorrow (18.00) Budapest (Hungary): Setabello is forced to win to advance to the quarterfinals and go straight to the quarterfinals without going to the 16th round.

World Championship

Italy-Canada cancellation: Three Govt positive among North Americans

23/06/2022 16:23

The draw in direct competition will, in fact, reward the Iberians Based on the goal difference scored during the victory over South Africa, the group was ranked third: 28-2 against the Red Burials and 22-4 against the Assyrians. The boys of Alessandro Cambagna have all the credentials to impose themselves, with the current world champions beating Spain in a memorable final in Guangzhou.

Water polo, Serbia Italy Trovolta: Key Features

World Championship

Italy Go with Spain: 14-12, in the Cetabello play-offs

12 hours ago

World Championship

Ceteroza dominates with Colombia (31-5), close to first place

Yesterday at 19:21

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