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Lamezia, five days of cultural experiences at the “Festival of Science” at the High School “Galilei” dedicated to Dante Alighieri

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Lamezia Terme – The sixth edition of the “Science Festival”, from December 18 to 23, this year, begins in a mixed mode, always in full compliance with the regulations against rodents in the scientific secondary school “Galileo Galilei”. As in every year, during the days of the festival, there will be many activities and experiences that will involve young participants, and these will be varied in different areas such as, for example, cultural and conference activities, scientific, experimental and laboratory activities. At the opening ceremony of the “Marathon of Science” presented by Deputy Teachers Teresa Goffredo, bearing the wishes of the bishop, he explained that “one of the goals of the festival, like last year, is to reach young middle school students. Schools with a photography competition with prizes consisting of educational and creative materials such as cameras and dictionaries and books.” Therefore, the winnings are designed to entice the men and women of the future into the wonderful world of reading from an early age.

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“The first event that will focus the attention of students and focus on the digital world with a lecture by Professor Orsini. Moreover, Goffredo concludes thanks to the professors, students and their representatives who contributed to the event in a difficult period marked by the health emergency. Then he specified that this edition we want to identify, and he also added it Instituto and Professor Aiello, a version “in the mark of the reboot”, where we want to stand out in the same title: “… we went out to see the stars again … “, the last verse from the Inferno of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

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Giancarlo Orsini’s lesson was intended as a “journey into the future” and was held in a video conference from Milan. The value of technology in various fields is highlighted in this distant discussion. Always saying that technology is important and essential, but that it “must be used in a conscious way”. Orsini discussed a new future, “also accelerated by the epidemic”, a future that is now increasingly focused on digitization, “a new renaissance, also focused on the questions that many people are waiting for answers to, because with internet technology we have all become from Italians to connected citizens of the world” . Orsini emphasized in his report that training “never ends, is not limited to school and that proper knowledge of digital subjects – he added – can help a lot. Then he offers some explanations in this regard, which are the importance of digitizing oneself, the necessity of knowing English, and the importance of Possessing emotional intelligence because “we are human and we can do what robots cannot do.” To these three criteria, Orsini adds two other, equally essential, elements that, along with the entrepreneurial spirit that becomes recognizable even in everyday life, And the soul is “perhaps the most important”, that is: “Enabling what others do they could not make possible, because – as he noted – all ideas are good, there is no failure but only a failed attempt.” And on the other hand – specify – how the greatest was born. Successes from different attempts.” At this point, the professor gives some examples of “wise” personalities, such as businessman Elon Musk who thanks to his courage and mentality, and his companies and derivatives (Tesla, Neuralink, Starlink) made the revolution a success digital and technology, and extended it to other areas Like construction Attached to these personalities, he also appointed Italian professor Daniele Mani who was nominated in 2020 as the best professor in the world and who managed to combine ethics and sustainability.

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Padel Square opens on Monday

Additionally, sport will be the champion in this new edition, with the Badel Stadium opening on Monday 20 December. This sport will be practiced at school for the first time in Calabria. The opening ceremony of the stadium on Monday 20 December will be attended by the Vice-President of the District and Counsellor in charge of Education, Judge Giovanni Garofalo, and Lieutenant Colonel Molinaro, Regional President of the Italian Tennis Federation. (FIT) Giuseppe Labano, FIT Regional Advisor Mauro Lento and National Advisor to the Central Race Officials Committee (CCUG) Antonio Carolio.

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