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Dear Doctor Severnini, regarding your reflections on Juventus Italy and the rules (March 11, 2023, “Corriere della Sera”) As a Juventus fan, I tell you that you have done a great job of stressing that we must respect the laws and not demand the removal of championships and the abolition of sanctions. The footer is also very elegant and straightforward (“If Inter were Juventus…”). So, all of the concepts you mentioned are correct, and how! So, even Giuliano’s alleged foul on Ronaldo shouldn’t always be triggered by Inter fans (like Toron’s offside in the 1980s), because Ceccarini embodied the law at that fateful moment, he was the “god” of Turin football. Inter fans must accept and agree with this fact. Just as, moreover, we must accept the considerations of the Federal Prosecutor Palazzi and conform to the Inter prescription regarding Calciopoli. But you may have already crossed yourself on these points and I didn’t notice (as a “mature” person I was born in 1955), in which case I apologize. I have been following her for many years.

Arego Corazza [email protected]

Thank you, dear Arrigo Corazza: An elegant, if incomplete, letter (I’ll explain why shortly). I must say that almost all of the 2095 comments I received TwitterComment on this article, not elegant! Do you know what I think about sometimes? It made fans of all colors think it was a waste of time. The team becomes a church, and there is no argument with faith.

Anyway, yes, I commented on that (very obvious) uncalled for Giuliano blunder in 1998, which cost Inter Milan’s Scudetto. But such episodes do happen, and we should not turn them into obsessions. As for the statute of limitations for Inter, of course, I am aware of this: rightly or wrongly, it is a decision of the relevant authority, let’s accept it. However, I hope you don’t want to compare the responsibilities of Inter with those of Juventus in the Calciopoli case..! In that case you will disappoint me, my dear Corazza.

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