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Signed protocol between ASI and CSA

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Space agencies Italy e Canada To sign a contract Explore space Together for peaceful purposes. The head of the Italian space agency signed the protocol. Giorgio Sacosia, And head of the Canadian Space Agency Lisa Campbell.

Italy and Canada will jointly explore space

During the bilateral meeting held atInternational Space Congress (IAC) Dubai, Italy and Canada are two space agencies that have decided to work together. The goal is space exploration for peaceful purposes. The agreement serves as a framework for future research between the two countries, providing a framework for co-operation. Understanding makes it easier Improving information exchange and functions And joint ventures. Especially in the fields of research and development, education, industry and aerospace.

asi csa space exploration protocol-min

The two countries will work together in the fields of Science And Space technologies. But there will also be opportunities to work together in other fields. Like thatEarth observation from orbit. And then the development of space exploration systems for collaborative missions. Finally, the purpose Creation, Especially ASI has been doing a lot of work in recent years. Not only by promoting activities in schools, but also by interesting (and nerd) efforts such as collaborating directly with Leo Ordolini to bring Rat-Man into space.

The agreement, signed by Giorgio Sacosia and Lisa Campbell, will allow the two companies to proceed with all activities already involved, but will work together. Get the best results. We cannot wait to see where this joint study will lead.

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