Home World Moscow: “The mediation of the Vatican is good for de-escalation of the conflict.” A Russian cruiser spotted off the coast of Apulia – live broadcast

Moscow: “The mediation of the Vatican is good for de-escalation of the conflict.” A Russian cruiser spotted off the coast of Apulia – live broadcast

Moscow: “The mediation of the Vatican is good for de-escalation of the conflict.”  A Russian cruiser spotted off the coast of Apulia – live broadcast

Stoltenberg: “Important signals from Sweden and doubts about Turkey”

“We want to solve problems with turkey As soon as possible to be able to enter Sweden And the Finland in BoyThe references given by Sweden on terrorism and arms exports are important.” The NATO Secretary General said that Jens Stoltenberg At a press conference with the Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson. “The concerns raised by Turkey are legitimate, and we are engaged in a tripartite dialogue. The decision of Finland and Sweden to join NATO is historic, it is a right decision for these countries, for NATO and for Europe, and I will do my best to find a solution.”

Villages evacuated towards Pryluky after the Russian attack

Many Ukrainian villages in the district Prilukein the area Chernihivafter a Russian missile attack. He – he determines Ukrinform – By Zizd, Petrevsky, Tiki, and Sokhostavis. This is what the Department of Civil Protection and the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration announced, “The reason is that due to a missile attack there is a danger of the fire spreading,” he said. Serhie Boldyrev, Director of the Department. Russian forces launched a missile attack on the Pryluky area around 1.15 pm today.

Helsinki: Heavier and heavier weapons in Ukraine

the president of finland, Sully NiinistöHe said that both Ukraine and Russia use heavier weapons, including thermobaric bombs in Russia’s case. Reports on guardian. We are supporting Ukraine with ever heavier weapons. On the other hand, Russia has also started to use very powerful weapons, thermobaric bombs that are actually weapons of mass destruction,” the head of state said while speaking to journalists during talks on security policy at his summer residence. Kyiv and NATO countries, including the kingdom The United States, accused Russia of using thermobaric weapons, which are more destructive than conventional explosives.

Russian missiles over the city of Priluki

Three Russian missiles were fired at the city of Priluke in northern Ukraine. The head of the Chernihiv regional administration reported via Telegram, Vyacheslav Chaus. write it on guardian. “We will provide more details as soon as we get them,” the governor said, referring to any damage or injuries

Kherson, forced farmers to sell products below cost

in the area Khersonto me Nova Kakhovka And the PreslavIn Russia, the Russian occupiers force local farmers to hand over 70% of the crop to Crimean buyers at wholesale purchase prices that are sometimes ten times lower than the retail price. According to local media, in some cases farmers hand over their produce, such as strawberries and cherries, for free.

Minsk: 200 Belarusians are fighting with Kyiv

government in Belarus admitted that “about 200 Belarus They are fighting on the side of the national forces” in Ukraine. “There are a lot of football ultras and participants in the 2020 protests who committed crimes of various kinds and managed to evade the law,” commented the Deputy Minister of the Interior in Minsk. Gennady Kazakevich.

Evacuation is underway in the villages near Priluki

An evacuation was announced in four villages near Priluki. These are Zizd, Petrevsky, Tiki, and Sokhostavis. Because of the attacks, there is a risk of fires spreading. This was announced by the Department of Civil Protection and Defense Works of the Chernihiv Region.

Russian cruiser off the coast of Apulia

Twitter account @TheShipYard2 published an updated map of the locations of the main Russian naval units: the Russian cruiser can be seen off the coast of Apulia Varyage (011) and Udaloy I class DDGH – Admiral Tributs (564). The former belongs to the same category as Moskva. Italmiradar.com reports that in the past few hours they have made an unusual turn in the Ionian Sea. Variage has been reported approximately 150 miles from the Gulf of Taranto in international waters. Then he moved away and is now according to what qualified sources have learned 300 miles away from the coasts of Apulia and sails southeast towards the island of Crete. This type of “approach” to territorial waters is always carefully monitored by the Navy and, more generally, by NATO vehicles. Just a few days ago, Chief of Staff of the Navy Admiral Enrico CredendinoHe explained that there are currently 18 Russian military ships in the Mediterranean, in addition to two submarines. In 2016 there was only one.

Macron: “France has entered a war economy”

there France He ‘entered into’ war economy So I think we will have to organize ourselves in a permanent way”: the French president said that, Emmanuel MacronEurosatori salon opening. “It also means an economy in which we will have to go faster and think differently,” he warned, adding that this change of pace would also help “to be able to replenish what is necessary for our armed forces and our allies more quickly, for everyone we want to help.” “. Macron has defined an economy in which “we can no longer live according to the rhythm, I can say by the same rules as they were even a year ago. Everything has changed. And this change is not only the countries that suffer the consequences but all the actors in the supply chain.”

Kyiv: The end of the war? We need to equalize heavy weapons.”

To end the war, Ukraine needs heavy weapons parity with Russia. Adviser to the Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian President’s Office said on Twitter Mykhailo Podolyak, indicating the type of weapon required. He added that the decision on how many weapons the West will send is expected on Wednesday, when defense ministers from around the world will meet at NATO headquarters in Brussels. In his tweet, he pointed out the heavy weapons that Ukraine needs to fight on an equal footing with Russia: 1,000 155mm howitzers, 300 multiple rocket launchers, 500 tanks, 2,000 armored vehicles, and 1,000 drones.


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