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More room for cross-play and women’s soccer – soccer style

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FIFA 2023 – The latest collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA will hit stores and on major platforms on September 27 for the Ultimate Edition and September 30 for the Standard Edition.

From the Women’s World Cup to HyperMotion 2: Here’s what to expect:

FIFA 23 getting closer and closer. EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts He announced the official release date for the video game, scheduled for September 30 in the Standard Edition and three days before for the Ultimate Edition.

a lot of news Introduced to launch what will be the latest collaboration with FIFA: more space for women’s football, new cross-play modes and new technology in the Hyper Motion 2 This ensures a more realistic gaming experience than previous versions of the video game.


Fifa 23 renamed: from 2023 it will be called EA Sports FC.
Already from the graphic display of the video games, it is clear that EA Sports intends to give more importance to women’s football. FIFA 23 will actually come out with a double wrap, one with Kylian Mbappe And one with a striker Chelsea Sam Kerr.

There will be the possibility to run on the field not only in the men’s soccer world cup in Qatar but also in the women’s world cup in Australia and New Zealand, which will be available at a later time with a free update.

Added to this is the inclusion of more official women’s leagues, Division 1 Arkema and the Barclays Women’s League.

Naveen SinghThe FA’s commercial director said he was “delighted” to enter the new women’s club competition in FIFA 23: “The additional visibility that a global brand like EA will bring to our league, our teams and our players – she said – could not be underestimated,” she said.

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FIFA 23, cross play

Russia, FIFA and the European Union officially suspend the Russian teams from the tournaments
There are also new cross-play features, which will allow players to take advantage of different modes depending on the platform being used.

The Xbox Series X editions will be | S Stadia, PC and PlayStation 5 are compatible with each other. Those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be able to play together, but only with each other. Nintendo Switch cannot cross-play.

FIFA 23, HyperMotion 2, and more

FIFA 23 will be more realistic than previous versions thanks to new technology Hyper Motion 2 and physics system FIFA 23, which – explains EA Sports – “unlocked a series of new features that make the gaming experience more engaging than ever.” There are also new training and dribbling systems.

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