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Disney horror, last night the first shot in Porta San Pietro

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Cinema – Viterbo – Filming begins on Omen, the film directed by Arkasha Stevenson – PHOTOS

by Daniel Camille

Viterbo – Took the first last night. Viterbo’s shooting has begun for “Omen, the Oomen,” a Disney horror film directed by Arkasha Stevenson, who works on television with Legion and Channel Zero.

Viterbo – Photographing an omen in Porta San Pietro

Last night the first group in Porta San Pietro. armored vehicles and all surrounding streets are closed. Support base, Josephitz Monastery which with the church overlooks the movie scene. Extras and actors dress up there, with the devout in the square in front of the garden area saying the rosary.

She takes part in the filming, lasts all night, two cars and one other person. The highlight days will be those on Piazza del Comone, October 10, 11 and 12, when an additional 500 must take the field, perhaps ready to organize urban guerrilla warfare in the 1970s, the decade of the last century in which Stephenson’s terror was provoked, Rome crossed , where the events of the film revolve, in addition to other Italian and European cities during the long “68”.

The movie stars a novice nun named Angelica. Among the actors, even some who have already shot for Game of Thrones.

Viterbo - Photographing an omen in Porta San Pietro

Viterbo – Photographing an omen in Porta San Pietro

Finally, in the town square in recent days has already been established A polystyrene memorial dedicated to the fallen in the First World War Which in some way reminds of the altar of the homeland of the capital, at the end of Via del Corso and just after Piazza Venezia. Winged Triumph, with head bowed, a few steps from Palazzo dei Priori.

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Daniel Camille

Photo Gallery: Omen, clapperboard in Porta San PietroThe monument in the town square

October 8, 2022

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