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“Whatsapp, whoever takes screenshots is in trouble” | What is there to know the truth

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The truth about the third tag to chat – Facebook

There are rumors that WhatsApp is about to introduce a third hash function. What if this is the case? Here is the real news that alerts users.

Messaging applicationThe most popular in Italy and in the world are preparing to introduce a novelty: The third blue tick. The indiscretion sent millions of users into a panic, who wondered what it could mean.

The truth about the third sign of chat
The truth about the third tag to chat – Facebook

Now no one can do without drwhat’s up And the idea of ​​facing radical change would put anyone in a bind. Since when Mark Zuckerberg He bought ownership of the “green” social network, and initiated numerous changes. However, not all of them have been received favorably by users. With the ever-growing goal of improving privacy, The WhatsApp I worked a lot on the topic of ticks. Now, a third-party indiscretion would leave millions of app users in the balance.

The third blue check: what is it for

Message tags printed in the chat have an exact meaning. Marker It means that the message has been sent to the recipient. Two ticks That the same thing has also arrived. When both signs turn blue, it means they have been read. What is being talked about now is the alleged entry of Third tick. According to some rumors, it will have a signal function A screenshot of the conversation made by the interlocutor. Is this really the case? many ask.

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The truth about the screenshot tag

about one possibility Third tick Which refers to a screenshot of the chat conversation, maybe an idea borrowed from Instagram, things are different. If on the one hand this is rumored, then on the other hand there is nothing concrete. In fact, the news would be false, even though it has been circulating for months. In this regard, there is also an official rejection of the company.

The truth about the third sign of chat
The truth about the third tag to chat – Facebook

One also wonders how useful this function actually is. The anxiety it would create and opposition to such a measure does not escape this. To pursue this idea, the company would also have to shell out a lot of money, with the potential to cash in on a low user rating. there Third tick which alerts the sender that this has been done screenshots From the chat, it’s a complete hoax.

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