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Anthony Joshua Reveals How Mike Tyson Would Have Beat Muhammad Ali Because ‘The Flag’ Was On His Side – US Sun

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Anthony Joshua expressed his “modest” opinion on why Mike Tyson would beat up Muhammad Ali if he fought the legends in their prime.

When boxing was suspended at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, fans indulged in discussing virtual encounters between the sport’s greats.

When asked during last year’s JD Sports Instagram Live about my Ali vs Tyson hypothetical, Joshua parsed it down to make a thoughtful judgment.

The 32-year-old Briton backed Tyson for his extensive knowledge of how to beat opponents, thanks to his use of modern “science”.

Joshua said, “It’s so cool because in Ali’s heavyweight era, the heavyweights were categorized as heavyweights.

“So in the age of Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes and George Foreman and Lennox Lewis, they started expanding.

“For this reason, the amateurs then created a heavyweight division.

“So the current amateur heavyweight division is what we classify as the cruise weight division [in the pros]So Ali went from the lightweight and made his way.

“It wouldn’t be a heavyweight in all respects. Let’s say we upgraded Ali and added size and strength to him, I really think Mike Tyson would have won.

“The reason is that when you look at the fight between Joe Frazier and Ali, you see a certain Tyson style of Frazier.

Tyson Fraser’s lesson: Move, move, hooks, hooks.

“He managed to eliminate Ali, it was a very difficult battle for him.

“I just think Tyson was better educated because the ages evolved, he was more sophisticated with more science, more information. So Tyson could have won, in my humble opinion.”

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Fans have had a lot of interest in establishing an all-time heavyweight king lately, most notably in the eWBSS series that was played on a simulation of Fight Night Champion.

After Tyson defeated George Foreman and knocked out Sonny Liston in the semifinals, they met in an esports masterpiece.

The two icons hit the plate in the first few rounds, but it was Tyson who took the lead with a unanimous points decision after 12 grueling rounds.

Tyson, 55, returned to the ring in real life in 2020 when he tied against Roy Jones Jr. in a show that brought in £60m for the trailer.


    Tyson holds the record for the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title


    Tyson is on his way to winning virtual points on Ali


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