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Montelion, Joe Wolfpin (Population) Country of Immigration Minister to Canada –

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From Carlo Valbio was sent to Montelion de Buglia (Phogia)

Teacher of Courier Canada today. Despite having a population of less than a thousand, it offers two reception centers and has developed an advanced integration model. Mayor Campus: The reception is not enough.

It was 1955, when he moved to Toronto, and Giuseppe Wolfe was eight years old. Joe Wolf became Minister of Labor in 2003 and Minister of Immigration of Canada in 2005. Today’s 74 years, the same age as Mario Tracy, the publisher of Canadian Courier. Joe Wolf left his village-birth scene in the Downy Mountains – King Vittorio Emanuel III moved from the province of Avelino to Focia in 1929, but actually throughout the village of Irfinia – subject to the strongest settlement in its history: 1,500 emigrated from 1950 to 1960; Almost everyone goes to Canada, in Toronto. The population of the village declined from 5,000 to 3,500 during that decade. But that’s nothing compared to the thousand people Joe Wolf discovered when he returned home as a Canadian minister in the 21st century. The thousand survivors living in the highest city of Puglia today – 842 meters above sea level and the beautiful landscapes devastated by the dreaded and useless wind turbines – are not only a dramatic manifestation of population decline. This is the first point in our history.

Two reception centers for immigrants

Second in reception centers for immigrants, two here. Of the 168 Italians with a population of less than 2,500, only Montalion de Buglia and the other 8 municipalities (south) have two reception centers. Not one, but two. Until recently they were called SPRR (Refugee and Refugee Protection Organization) and now they are called SAI (Integrated Reception System). There is one orphanage in Montelion called Orza Magior, where 15 children live, and one for adults, Pyroscopo dua d’Asta, which accommodates 25 people between singles and families. They are Bengali, Eritrean, Nigerian, Egyptian, Tunisian. The name of this center is not accidental, it is the name of a historic ship that took a crowd of Italians and most Montelionis immigrants abroad in the first decades of the last century. So it is easy to understand why Mayor Giovanni Combase – a 67-year-old nurse who is well-known in history, wanted to change the name of Borgo, the village of welcome, peace and non-violence – during his third term. Campus says: Reception without coordination is not enough and can be harmful. For those who come here, within the range of numbers we can support, we first offer the school where they can learn Italian. At the end of this path, which is less than two or three years old, we try to introduce newcomers into the world of work so that they do not become isolated and ketois. Black, because it is in our interest that the population of this immigrant country should not stop the bloodshed.

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Volunteer in factory or street cleaning

Some of the immigrants who came to Montelion already work in the window factory, while others are hired by the municipality as volunteers to clean the streets and flower beds to save themselves from forced idle – in fact the village is very clean – and then be invited to dinner or lunch at tables that look like wedding receptions. In addition, the International Peace and Nonviolence Award (among the winners, Bernice Albertine, daughter of Martin Luther King) and the Urban Art Festival (with artists adorning the Montelion and nearby Ariano Irbino and Vallescarda) returned to the village with Rugero the Norman for some years in 1140. Later, the king of Sicily chose this place for its central position, equal to that of Tyrrhenian and Adriatic, to declare the basic laws of his kingdom. Today again the center of events, stories, encounters of people and cultures, autonomy of thought and the proposal of a reception and integration model. According to Mandelion, the uprisings against investigators sent by the future Pope Pius V Antonio Kisleri, with the welcome and refuge of Katherine and Waldensian fanatics, until the first popular uprising against fascist rule in Italy, were played by women on August 23, 1942.

One does not emigrate from here anymore

Now, Campus says, in order for this kind of reception and integration to be established everywhere, it is necessary for the government and the entire institutional chain to take appropriate action at the government and regional level to pursue the goal. For example, we have prepared our plans in collaboration with Confederate, a consortium of 18 forest companies, and they want to become executives within six months. It will maintain about 80 hectares of trees, reclaim land, plant orchards, organize training workshops and marketing activities. And new jobs, for natives and non-natives. The
Canadian Courier
By Joe Wolf 20,000 first-, second- and third-generation Montaliones living in Toronto can say that they will not emigrate from Montelion a century later.

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