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The date of Monday is the third flag

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No More Summer in Colors: Science’s Third Date Every Monday

Basta Estate a Colori – Basta Umbra is preparing for the third and final date of Monday flagincluded in the programme No more summer in colour. This year the exhibition focuses on the theme “I don’t want to change the planet”.

On July 24, 2023, Professor Stefano Falcinelli, expert in environmental chemistry and professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Perugia, will give a conference not to be missed.

During the evening, advocates Legambiante Umbriaand enrich discussion and in-depth analysis of environmental issues.

But not just science! The evening will pay tribute to the talent of the young pianist Ricardo Gambacorta, which will propose a selection of classic and contemporary tunes. In addition, there will be contributions from Michelle Geoglitti For the Municipal Library “Alberto La Volpe”.

An appointment not to be missed, dedicated to knowledge, art and environmental awareness. The event will take place in the heart of Bastia Umbra and will be open to all those who wish to explore and appreciate the link between science and culture.

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