June 8, 2023

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The plane crashed in Milan, and the remains of the engine were analyzed in Canada

The plane crashed Milan, Machine residues will be sent to Canada where the manufacturing company is located and analyzed. Ultralight, directed by Romanian President Don Petres, crashed into an empty building with eight people on board. San Donato Milanese October 3 last year.

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The rest of the engine will be analyzed by a Canadian inspector and Italian colleagues as part of an investigation by the National Agency for Air Safety (ANSV), the owner of the Technical Safety Investigation, which is continuing in parallel with the added criminal investigation. Tiziana Ceciliano and attorneys Mauro Clarici and Paulo Filipini. It is an investigation organized with this kind of procedure in terms of a European regulation, the results of which will also be useful in the investigation of the public prosecutor’s office, which guarantees attorneys for the victims’ relatives – experts in the case by appointing an expert by the trial judge – analyzes will be filmed and consultants will have the opportunity to participate remotely and present claims.

Analysis of some of the engine residue will, if possible, be used to determine if any failures have occurred. Currently, one of the most considered causes is maneuver error. The Pilot PC-12, which took off from Lynette Airport a few minutes ago, had twice tried to deviate from its usual route, and the pilot may have seen incoming obstacles. At one point, he may have lost control of the plane and, due to fog, headed straight for the ground in a “frustration”, meaning he could not understand what position it was in. However, investigations are ongoing, and an investigation into Platos’ flights is planned.

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