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Scienza e Virgola 2022 “sets the point”, closes with over 1,000 posts

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16.05.2022 – 14.17 – Diversity in inclusion, confrontation in cross-cultural pollution. This is the common thread of the new version of Flag and comma Which concluded yesterday, after six days of book presentations, discussions, presentations and workshops. Event Journey and Artistic Director Paolo Giordano They wanted to propose as an antidote to the uncertainty of these times. The initiative was enthusiastically greeted by the Trieste fans: it was done Over 1000 registered attendeesfor a total 21 dates.
The presence of such a large audience, particularly in the opening and closing sessions that characterized the conceptual innovations of this edition of Scienza e comma, underscores the need to broaden the discourse on science and to include different cultural perspectives on complex topics that affect us individually and collectively. Nico PetrelliScientific and organizational director of the event, which concluded yesterday.
Petrelli, in particular, refers to the inaugural meeting between Paolo Giordano with the writer Daria Benardi and psychoanalyst Vittorio Lingardi authorized”Journey to the self and to the other of the self”, and the latter titled “(Biodiversity)” which saw Giordano himself speaking with evolutionary Telmo Bivani and writer Jonathan Bazi. “Example” Nico Petrelli “explains the polluted protagonist of the 2022 edition of the event, which is highly regarded by the public.”

The festival is organized by the SISSA Interdisciplinary Laboratory, with the support of the CRTrieste Foundation and the European Gravity Observatory EGO and a valuable contribution from the Miela Bonawentura Theater, Antico Caffè and Libreria San Marco, TriesteBookFest and Casa del Cinema. , with the Trieste Film Festival and the Underground Chapel.

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