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The amazing rejection of the Italian actress Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino

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“I would have been uncomfortable and ruined everything. I’ve always had the complexity.” The amazing story of the singer

Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino (web image)

Could power become a cause of insecurity, in fact, so important a complex that a part in a cult film is turned down? It happened to a famous Italian actress all over the world! Here’s the great story.

Actress, in fact, She refused to act in the movie “Devil’s Advocate”.Directed by Taylor Hackford and starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. Al Pacino needs very little introduction. He starred in some of the most beautiful films in the history of cinema.

From the “Godfather” trilogy through “Scarface”, “Carlito’s Road” and “The Smell of a Woman”. And again, “every Sunday”, “that day the dog appeared.” His performance in “The Devil’s Advocate is really cool”.

As for Keanu Reeves, he recently made a comeback by re-dressing Neo in Part Four of the Matrix saga. Many fans have been waiting for almost twenty years for him to return in the role of the chosen one.

His other notable roles include Gigolo Scott Favor in the drama Beautiful and Damned, Jack Traven in Speed, Shane Falco in Sanctuaries, Prince Siddhartha in Little Buddha, detective Johnny Utah in Point Break and John Constantine in the film Bear Same name, Johnny Mnemonic and John Wick in the films of the same name.

And in fact, attorney Kevin Lomax in the supernatural thriller “Devil’s Advocate”, with the great star Al Pacino. Well, in this cult movie there can also be an Italian actress who is well known all over the world, but, nevertheless, she turned down the part for a very unique reason.

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big rejection

We are talking about beautiful and very good Maria Grazia Cucinotta. In fact, in his career he has a long series of successful films. Only a few titles: “Maria Maddalena” (2000), “Il rito” (2011), “The Tailor’s Wife” (2012), “The Truth” (2017) and “American Night” (2021). But she is of course internationally known for her co-starring alongside Massimo Troisi in the Italian film “Il postino” and her appearance in the epic film “007 The World Is Not Enough”.

The first, in particular, is an iconic movie. We are in 1994 and the film is directed by British director Michael Radford, also known as “The Merchant of Venice” and “Perfect Shot”. Based on the novel The Postman of Neruda (Ardiente paciencia) by Chilean writer Antonio Scarmita.

The film is also iconic because it is the latest interpretation of the Neapolitan actor Massimo Troisi, who died in his sleep a few hours after filming ended. As for “The World Is Not Enough,” this is the nineteenth chapter of the historical story that features the protagonist, the world’s most famous secret agent. In this case – we’re in 1999 – it was played by Pierce Brosnan.

Well, Maria Grazia Cucinotta can also co-star in another fantastic movie, “The Devil’s Advocate”. But he blatantly refused.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (web image)
Maria Grazia Cucinotta (web image)

And the reasons given by the actress are very special: “In the script there was constant nudity and I was feeling so uncomfortable with these giant breasts and I was going to ruin everything. I’ve always had a complication, at thirteen I was already like that, what a shame, I couldn’t wait to reduce it with interference, then I gave up, I might not have had the same success, but it has never looked so beautiful to me, too tired, to hide it, I flexed my shoulder. And then it is hard to take it seriously, no one looks at you in the eyes.”

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