September 21, 2023

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Microsoft PC Manager is a kind of official CCleaner for Windows 10 and 11 –

Microsoft PC Manager is a kind of official CCleaner for Windows 10 and 11 –

Microsoft Works on computer managerA must-have app that improves the performance of Windows 10 and Windows 11 by making the operating system faster and cleaner through what appears to be an alternative to the classic version. CCleanerwith stronger integration into Windows.

PC Manager should allow you to perform different file operations Maintenance of computers and operating system Quite simply, with an easy-to-read interface that is well integrated into Windows functionality.

Microsoft PC Manager, screenshot

These are operations like Disk CleanupView which applications are consuming the most resources and which applications start automatically when you turn on your computer, scan for any malware and manage the remaining free space on your hard drive.

Many of these processes already exist in Windows 10 and Windows 11However, PC Manager basically allows you to keep them under control in one space in a simpler way, as well as offering more streamlined functions such as a “boost” mode that deletes temporary files and frees up extra memory.

PC Manager is currently in public beta testing, with the option to download it for free from this is the address. The site is currently in Chinese, probably because it is expected to be launched first in this market, but the app is yet to be officially distributed worldwide.

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