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How do you find PlayStation 5? Who sells it and how long does it take?

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There is practically no Sony console anywhere, but why? And how do you spend the Easter holidays in his company? Here’s what you need to know…

PS5 It is one of the most sought after technology objects in circulation, thanks to the fact that the PlayStation is now an icon of style as well as “simple” games. Sony’s console has been particularly complicated to assemble and market due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its fallout. So much so that the Japanese home has begun to pay more services, redistribution of content proposal PlayStation Plus, which will be updated with three different plans while we wait for the next generation platform to become available soon (or hopefully) further. So here is a useful page that will help you to track down the right channels to get one PlayStation 5As long as you have the right timing and a good dose of patience.

Why the PlayStation 5 can’t be found anywhere –

The reasons for the difficulty of purchasing the PS5 are many but they are all attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic, at an initial stage, and thus to the resulting slowdown, which has greatly complicated life in finding the necessary materials. Video games live for the moment Huge popularity after closings that forced billions of people to stay at home and explore new emotions, with games rising among the preferences of those who used to consume entertainment (Also in Italy). Furthermore, due to constraints, particularly in Asia (where consoles are produced), the production and distribution chain has taken a hit, failing to keep pace with demand for the PlayStation 5 at launch at the end of 2020, in 2021 presumably. Throughout 2022.

The third is rush to the material Such rare earths are necessary for the production of chips and semiconductors thanks to which all major technological products operate. This material is getting more and more difficult to produce, but at the same time the number of products exploiting it is growing, from game consoles, to graphics cards on computers, to smart refrigerators and more high-tech cars. The fourth, finally, is the presence of The usual cunning Who are trying to make money, taking advantage of poor platform availability using software who notify them at the time of availability and complete the purchase procedure much faster than regular customers, in order to resell them in the flea market at higher prices.

How and where to find PlayStation 5 –

With such a complex situation, it is very important to monitor the main Italian online stores, which sell consoles in stages. There are two tips in this regard to avoid feeling dissatisfied. One: Monitor the social profiles of individual chains, as appropriate notification is provided tail hole To enter in time to buy – usually one day in advance. This method is used notably by Mediaworld and GameStopZing, but also by other retailers. The second tip is to activate notifications in these same stores, so as soon as possible you will be notified of PS5 availability with a specific email or message on your mobile phone.

PS5 Availability on Amazon

PS5 on Amazon is an event Unique more than rare, but the plus side is that the pages of both versions (with and without disc) are always online and that means you can open them right away to activate notifications. With each appearance, unit depletion times are very fast, so you will need a stroke of luck and great speed. Watch who is selling and the price, because third-party sellers can also place their products on Amazon.

Buy PS5 on Mediaworld

The PS5 on Mediaworld is equally rare, but the historical series has one of the most reliable virtual waiting systems out there, so once you know Through social media The console will be available 10 to 15 minutes early before opening the queue and entering to purchase the product. The quantities, however limited, are always very good, so if you move in at the right time, you should do it.

PS5 Availability on GameStopZing

GameStopZing is the reference series for video game lovers and perhaps the one you should watch more than anything else. The company is particularly active on social media and also boasts an excellent queue system, with which you can get on the right track to buy PS5. At the beginning of 2022, the series was fined As for the approved online sales practices during the pandemic, which included expensive bundles (up to €7-800 per product) as the only way to get a PlayStation 5. It is not yet clear how the seller will regulate this requirement, whether it will still resort to the bundle method or It will ensure a more modular and cost effective option for its customers once the controllers become available again. Everything seems to point to the second premise, or at least that’s what the players are hoping for.

Find PS5 in other stores

Obviously, although not available, you can also find PlayStation 5 in other stores Other than the more common ones mentioned so far. Here are some options that we leave for you in the end, in the hope that you will soon find the console of your dreams:

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