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Railway crossings and tunnels at the Museum of Science and Technology – Lombardy

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The first step to renovate the historic wing

(ANSA) – MILAN, October 27 – The new permanent exhibition “Oltrepassare” opens from tomorrow at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and is dedicated to railroad crossings and tunnels.

The exhibition, which is designed to explore the more general aspects of railway infrastructure in the historical, social and technological dimension, and to ask questions about its evolution, between new development paths and perspectives, is the first step in the renovation of the Museum’s historic railway wing.

“The pavilions for transportation – comments Fiorenzo Galli, Director General of the Museum – are an important heritage, also because they are so beloved by the public and because they are symbols of our institution. Today they need to develop, in terms of keys and interpretive themes, which take into account the great changes we are going through and the contemporary world.We are now living a directed approach to exploring the topic of mobility, the critical aspects faced by the advancement of transport systems.This project, funded under the Interreg program and thus, cross-border cooperation between Italy and Switzerland is intended to go beyond railway infrastructures and represents the first intervention to renovate the exhibition in the pavilion Railways “.

In the center of the gallery are the side lanes – in particular the railway crossings and tunnels – that unite all transport infrastructures, to overcome obstacles natural or those produced by human activities. (Dealing).

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