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France on the vote, Macron and Le Pen on the ballot, and Mélenchon in third place. Four points in front of the outgoing president – Mundo

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When the seats close for the first round of France’s presidential election, the first polls show outgoing President Macron ahead of Marine Le Pen: 28.5% to 24.20%. Emmanuel Macron, who received more than 28% of the vote, won the first round of the presidential election by more than 4 points compared to 2017. Marine Le Pen also fared better, taking 24% of the vote compared to the first round, which lasted 5 years. before. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen were on the ballot with 28.6% and 24.4%, respectively. In third comes Jean-Luc Melenchon de la France Insomes with 20.2%.. The far-right polemicists Eric Zemmour, 6.8%, and Valerie Pecres, less than 5% (4.6%), are very low. These are the poll numbers conducted by the IFOP polling institute.

Bigger scissors between outgoing President Emmanuel Macron who will win with 28.1% of the vote and Marine Le Pen with 23.3%.According to a new survey of the institute Ipsos Supra Styria for French public television. Jean-Luc Melenchon is given at 20.1%. Eric Zemmour is 7.2% ahead of Valerie Pecres (5%). Below the 5% threshold is ecologist Yannick Gadot (4.4%). Socialist candidate in the French presidential elections and Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, Alongside outgoing President Emmanuel Macron before the April 24 vote against National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen. According to data released this evening by the Elabe Institute for Bfm-TV, the Socialist candidate received only 1.9% of the preferences. Hidalgo called on his supporters “to vote in earnest against the far-right of Marine Le Pen” by granting the vote to Macron “so that France does not fall into the hatred of all against all”.

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The turnout in the first round of the presidential elections in France at 17:00 was 65%, down 4.4 points compared to the 2017 elections: this is what emerges from data from the Ministry of the Interior in Paris. Instead, the turnout rate at 5pm is 6.5 points higher than in 2002 (58.45%), a record year for abstentions in the first round of the Elysee race. The five most voted provinces are Dordogne (75.26%), Aveyron (73.93%), Guers (73.71%), Haute-Loire (73.53%) and Pyrenees-Atlantiques (72.78%). The five provinces least crowded are Haute-Corse (51.23%), Seine-Saint-Denis (51.71%), Paris (52.17%), Essonne (56.19%) and Corse-de-Sud (58.48%).

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will compete head-to-head in the first round of the French presidential elections with 24% of the vote each.According to the first survey conducted when polling stations were left and published Belgium Libre. third Jean-Luc Melenchon by 19%According to the same poll, the Republican candidate, Valerie Pecresse, and the far-right controversy Eric Zemmour will receive 8% of the vote, and the first French election will come out on polling at 20.

Polling stations in France for the first round of the presidential elections open their doors this morning at 8:00 am. About 48.7 million voters were invited to vote to choose between 12 candidates for the presidency, including outgoing Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, running in the elections. Everything indicates that tonight at 8 pm there will be confirmation of a new duel between Macron and Le Pen in the poll, like 5 years ago, with the difference that this time it will be a duel until the last vote: two points separate the contenders. The first round (26% vs. 24% for recent polls), as is the percentage in the second (51% to 49%). A possible vote is scheduled for April 24.

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