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The Arms Race, Japan and the United States: A New Military Order for Observation Aircraft

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new Military orders from the United States to the Japanese governmentin an increasingly entrenched arms race to contain the threat of Chinese expansionismAsia PacificIt is the region that analysts believe will be in all respects the next theater for the conflict between Beijing and Washington.

According to Japanese newspaper reports, after the package was approved by the US Defense and Security Agency (DCSA) – the US Congress was notified on the same day – the sale of up to 5 aircraft is about to take place. Grumman E-2 Hawk To spend about 1.30 billion euros for Tokyo.

the Planesstomach for monitoring purposesEquipped with advanced satellite systems that have the ability to detect even stealth aircraft and small aircraft, as well as Chinese and Russian fifth generation fighters.

The United States, Japan and South Korea are organizing missile defense exercises

Last December, the executive branch was led by a conservative prime minister Fumio Kishida Review the main security and defense policies, and set the goal of doubling military spending in line with the standards of NATO countries, from 1 to 2% of gross domestic product By 2027.

At the end of February, Kishida confirmed to parliament his intention to move forwardOrdered at least 400 US cruise missiles Tomahawk at once, ahead of schedule. The acquisition is expected by fiscal year 2023 at a cost of 221.3 billion yen, equivalent to 1.46 billion euros.

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