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Men’s 4×50 Medley, Francesi and Cucinato fly into finals! – OA game

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Medal table of the Swimming World Championships in VasShort AC


1.52: These are the finalists in the women’s 400 medley: Smith, Franceschi, Gobori, Jaccabos, Flickinger, Cucinato, Ciplucha, Duhamel.

1.50: Sara Franceschi closes the fourth battery of 400 medley seconds and reaches the final with 4’31″01, second time overall! There are two blues in the final! Cucinato is sixth time. Smith wins with 4’30″93

1.49: Franceschi for 300 before Flickinger

1.48: Flickinger, Suzuki, Smith, Franchisi in the middle of the race

1.44: Ilaria Cucinato loses the lead in the final and is overtaken by Japan’s Kobori with 4’31″19 and Hungary’s Jagapos with 4’31″36. The Italian is third with 4’32″94, confident of keeping the Australians behind her. Now in the last battery at the start is Sarah Franchisi.

1.38: New Zealander Rasmussen wins the second battery with a time of 4’36” 08. Now Ilaria Cuccinato

1.32: Taipei Chen wins the first heat of the representative 400 medley with 3’44″97

1.27: These are the national finalists for the men’s 4 × 50 medley: Italy, France, Germany, Japan, USA, Holland, Australia, China

1.25: Italy in final with best time! Azure D won the third heat with 1’32″31 ahead of France and Germany

1.24: Italy, France, Germany in the middle of the match

1.21: Japan wins the second battery with 1’32″65, ahead of USA with 1’32″67 and Australia with 1’33″29. Now the blues!

1.18: Brazil are disqualified! The Netherlands won the first heat with 1’33″20, ahead of China with 1’34″34 and Hong Kong.

1.15: First battery of 4×50 is underway with China, Holland and Brazil.

1.14: Australia, Sweden, France, Japan, Holland, Canada, USA and Czech Republic advance to finals in women’s 4×50.

1.13: Sweden with 1’44″83 wins the second battery ahead of France with 1’44″86 and Holland with 1’46″06

1.09: GPR won’t start on second battery

1.07: Australia wins first battery with 1’44″78, Japan expects 1’45″41, Canada 1’46″16 and USA 1’46″73

1.05: First battery of 4×50 sl launches in USA, Japan and Canada. Not Italy

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1.03: Completing the slow series of men’s 800 freestyle. After 1500 in the afternoon it was a fast sequence with Gregorio Baltrinieri in search of a second gold.

1.00: In the women’s 50 breast Benedetta Pilato, hoping to shake off the intestinal problems that plagued her two days ago, will be desperate for redemption against first victim Nick Fing, in the men’s 50 breast stroke Niccolò Martinengi in his 200 defeat of the season, and Simone Cerasuvolo aiming for a medal in the fastest race.

0.57: There are no girls in blue who promise to be spectacular at the start of the women’s 100 butterfly, while Matteo Rivolta, the reigning world champion, aims to cement himself on the world stage in the men’s 100 butterfly.The Around 50 after a difficult and unfortunate start to the World Cup.

0.54: Following the batteries of the women’s 400 medley, Sara Franceschi chases a second final and Ilaria Cucinato aims for a first final in her preferred specialty. Alberto Rossetti wants to be the protagonist in the 400m medley, which saw success at a continental level in Rome. End broadly within a border of blue

0.51: We start with two 4×50 composite relays. Italy will not be due to Silvia di Pietro’s poor performance in the women’s field. Instead it will be Italy for men with Mora, Cerasuolo, Ceccon and Miressi

0.48: On day five, Italy has several medal cards, from Gregorio Paltrinieri chasing an encore in the 800 freestyle, to Alberto Razetti in the 400 medley, to Alberto Razetti in the men’s 4×50 medley relay.

0.45: The last event of a very intense 2022 continues with the golds of Gregorio Baltrinieri in the 1500 style, Italian swimming saturated with world records in the 4 × 100 freestyle men and the 100 medley, which has already given great satisfaction to Thomas Ceccone. Lorenzo Mora’s silver in 100m backstroke, European record 4×50m medley, 4×50m freestyle and Nicolo Martinenghi in 100m breaststroke and Alessandro Miressi’s bronze in 100m freestyle and 4×200m. Freestyle relay.

0.42: Goodnight friends of OA sport and welcome to live coverage of day five of the World Short Course Swimming Championships in Melbourne, Australia.

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Hello and welcome to day five of the World Short Course Swimming Championships live in Melbourne, Australia.. The last event of 2022, which is very intense, continues It has already been completed in Italian swimming with Gregorio Baltrinieri’s gold in the 1500m freestyle, men’s 4×100m freestyle world record and Thomas Ceccone’s silver in the 100m medley and Lorenzo Mora’s silver in the 100m backstroke. , the 4×50 medley mixed with the European record, Niccolo Martineghi in the 4×50 style and 100m breaststroke and Alessandro Miressi’s bronze in the 100m style and 4×200m style relay. Italy has a number of medal cards on the fifth day, from Gregorio Baltrinieri chasing an encore in the 800m freestyle, to Alberto Razetti in the 400m medley, in the men’s 4×50m medley relay.

It starts at 1.05 with the fifth drum session. Italy among the favorites for the relay 4×50 Men’s Medley With a very tight build-up to the finale Mora, Martineghi, Rivolta and Deplano and Miresse, Ceccone could be added. In three of the four fractions. If Silvia Di Pietro recovers, Italy women can also have a good place Mixed with Scalia, Di Pietro, Plato and Gogoncelli in 4×50. Batteries continue Women’s 400 medley with Sarah Franceschi chasing second final and Ilaria Cucinato aiming for first Among the specialties he likes. Alberto Rossetti wants to be the protagonist in the 400m medley, which saw success at a continental level in Rome. A final within the confines of blue where the relay is fully confident and can try to fight for a medal.

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There are no women in blue in the women’s 100m butterfly start, which promises to be spectacular, while the men’s 100m butterfly has reigning world champion Matteo Rivolta aiming to cement himself on the world stage. After a difficult and unfortunate start to the 50m World Championships, the breaststroke riders return to the scene: Benedetta Pilato in the women’s 50 breaststroke, hoping to recover from the intestinal upset she suffered two days ago, and Nicolo Martineghi in the men’s 50 breaststroke. With a heavy desire to bounce back against Nick Fink, who suffered his first loss of the season in the 200, E Simone Cerasulo aiming for a medal in the fastest race. Finally, the men’s 800m freestyle relay. A quick series in the afternoon A second gold prospector in the 1500s was Gregorio Paltrinieri.

In the afternoon, the men’s and women’s 4×50 medley, men’s and women’s 400 medley, with good blues representation and the men’s and women’s 50m freestyle finals with no blues at the start are also scheduled. Men’s and Women’s 50m Breaststroke and Men’s and Women’s 100 Butterfly Semi-Finals.

Brought to you by OA Sport Live from day five of the World Short Course Championships in Melbourne, Australia: Real time news and constant updates. It starts at 1.05 with the heats and continues with the semi-finals and final at 9.35. Good fun!

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