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A Canadian goose inside Minervini-Cisti: plane landed at school, rescued and taken to Apattino Park

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A story with a happy endingCanada Goose Found a few days back by the school helper inside the IC’s fence Minervini-Cist. On Friday morning, when the gate of the school building was opened, an associate on duty noticed the presence of the bird roaming undisturbed in the inner perimeter of the school and informed the headmaster. Mara GullyTo ensure that the little animal stays in a safe and calm place and stays refreshed, the kindergarten led it into the garden, where a fence was installed.

The headmaster then informed the rangers and after they went to the spot, they identified the species of the bird, i.e. Canada Goose. Immediately, the guards sought the intervention of Righty’s veterinarians, who, with the necessary precautions and hygiene facilities, examined the animal and immobilized it to make sure it was fine.

All this under watchful eyes and Curiously Students who calmly observed all recovery phases. Finally, the good duck was taken to Apattino Park, a wildlife rescue center that has been responsible for sheltering injured or sick animals for years. It is still unknown what prompted the ducks to leave the flock and descend on the school. The forest rangers have two hypotheses: the first, more plausible, is that she was tired from the flight and decided to rest; The other, worst of all, was that it was abandoned. Today, however, we know that he is in excellent health and waiting to be given a name, perhaps chosen from among those proposed by the institute’s students.

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Photo: Minervini Sisti ©

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