Home science Inauguration of the new space dedicated to celiac disease “Celiachia Porta Guccia”

Inauguration of the new space dedicated to celiac disease “Celiachia Porta Guccia”

Inauguration of the new space dedicated to celiac disease “Celiachia Porta Guccia”

03 March 2024, 00:01

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In the coming weeks, the vibrant city of Palermo will witness the exciting opening of a new and innovative space entirely dedicated to gluten-free nutrition: the Celiac Diseases Department of the Porta Goccia Pharmacy. Located at Corso Alberto Amedeo 57/59, in the beating heart of the city, this new store represents the evolution and growth of the famous section dedicated to celiac products within the historic pharmacy.

Porta Goccia Pharmacy, founded by Dr. Giuseppe Carona in Palermo in 1901, continues its mission of providing personalized services and consultations, establishing itself as a reference point for the health and well-being of the citizens of Palermo. Currently managed by his nephew Fabio Carona and his wife Giuseppina Marchionne, the pharmacy offers a wide range of services from nutrition to scalp analysis, from correct nutrition to flower therapy, thus ensuring complete and integrated support to its clients.

Porta Goccia Pharmacy, originally known as Farmacia Caronna, has embraced the importance of offering gluten-free solutions to its customers since the 1980s. In an era when food intolerances were often underestimated, the pharmacy played a pioneering role in this sector, handling the first brands of gluten-free foods, and today boasting a wide range of over 500 references.

With a sales area of ​​about 110 m2 New section”Celiac disease Porta Josiah Customers will be welcomed by a street entrance, enhanced by an internal courtyard, providing a personalized and comfortable shopping experience. A distinctive detail of this space is its ability to manage all product categories, including fresh foods, ensuring customers a full and diverse range of gluten-free products to meet all dietary needs.

The management of the department will be entrusted to a team of 4 employees, led by the famous pharmacist and food and nutrition expert Dr. Giuseppina Carona. Thanks to its extensive experience and expertise in the sector, clients will be able to benefit from a specialized and highly personalized service, based on a deep knowledge of the needs of celiac patients.

Celiac disease Brings Gochia It will not just be a point of sale for gluten-free foods, but aspires to become a reference point for the entire Palermo community. By collaborating with local associations and bodies, it will aim to promote awareness of a gluten-free world and raise awareness of new food intolerances, which are often overlooked.

Within the department, customers will have the opportunity to find a wide range of specialties from every corner of Italy. From traditional Palermo anelletti to delicious Roman pinsa, from delicious cassata to fresh baked goods, and even delicious Emilian Cappelletti, the new space is committed to meeting the most disparate requests, offering foods that were previously thought impossible to find.

at the same time, Porta Jochia Pharmacy, under the guidance of Dr. Alessandra Carona, will expand its service offering. Within the space previously dedicated to gluten-free nutrition, a new department for dermatological cosmetics, telemedicine and vaccination services will be opened, thus expanding the range of services offered to customers and underscoring the pharmacy's commitment to providing complete health solutions to its customers.

Home delivery will be a service offered to customers, allowing them to easily obtain gluten-free products at home thanks to a simplified purchasing process via WhatsApp.

For more information and details about the range of products available, visit the website www.celiachiaportaguccia.it.

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03 March 2024, 00:01


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