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“Boom” purchases for users

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EBay winks at its users, providing a certain initiative for online purchases. But pay attention to the expiration date

Another turn of hands to grab the desired device at a lower price. on me ebayIn fact, it is still time for sales, and as often happens in these cases, consumer technology is the hero.

Ebay (AdobeStock) discount code

Video games, consoles, TVs, large and small appliances, tablets and more: categories of products that will be possible to save a little compared to the purchase price thanks to a special price coupon due in a day Sunday 25 September.

Special discount code is available by ebay For all of its members, it will be entered during the purchase phase and will allow you to save up to 15% off the initial price of one of the many products listed on the dedicated page, which can be accessed through this is the address. So it will be enough to browse the section above, click on the product of interest and add it to the cart, and enter the discount code during check-out. September 22.

Among the products offered, we also find some devices that are very popular among users, such asiPad 9 In a version with 64 GB of internal storage and a 10.2-inch screen, plus Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11 inches, by the way, are two of the best value-for-money tablets on the market. Also, the discounts applied to the laptops and consoles division should not be underestimated.

How to use an eBay 15% discount code that expires on September 25th

ebay discount code
eBay (AdobeStock)

Attention, the use of the coupon is subject to some general conditions that we report below. First, you will need to do one Minimum spend 15 EUR And in any case, the discount code can be used no more than twice in total for each user.

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As we expected at the beginning, the discount compared to the original price is up to 15%, but the total discount Total cannot exceed 200€ (100 euros per use).

Finally, the classic rules for using discount codes apply, in particular:

  1. The inability to add the coupon with other discount codes that may be active on eBay
  2. The discount voucher has no cash value and is not transferable to third parties

At the bottom of the page dedicated to the promotion that we linked to you in the previous lines, it will still be possible to view the full terms of use.

We also suggest you to choose PayPal As a means of purchase, in order to obtain greater post-purchase protection.

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