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Hockey, the trophy: the symbol plays in the final – sport

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Hockey’s last commitment of the year, Modinez, which faces some important checks: Tomorrow at 18.30, at PalaRoller in Montale, the B Symbol Amatori Series will be played to reach the Italian Cup Final in this category, hosted by mangy Seregno. Starting from 6-5 that Giallobl won last Saturday in Lombardy, for a positive result is that the two projects Scutece and Compagni to the final, which has been absent in Modena for more than a quarter of a century, and which will play over Bevana between Follonica and Tien, who ended a tie in the first leg. The first A2 team wraps up the year away, as it takes part in the difficult Thiene track in a very important race for the Capalbo boys, who only with a win can still be tied to the playoffs: tomorrow also the female amateurs at home, which concludes the Coppa Italia host modest Vercelli at 3.30pm Montale, while Invicta Modena in inline hockey is already on vacation, given the return of the Serie B Championship at the beginning of January, with the extravagant trip to Trieste.


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